Maulana Muhammad Yahya Kandhalvi brief biography in English

Yah'ya Kandhlavi, Maulana Muhammad 
b. Muharram 1, 1288HI March 23,1871 
d. Ziqa'ad 10,1334H/ September 9,1916 

He was the elder brother of Hazrat Maulana Muhammad IIyas RAHMATULLAH A'LAlHE, and was his teacher as well. He is the father of Sheikh-ul-Hadees Maulana Muhammad Zakariyya RAHMATULLAH A'LAlHE

He memorised the Holy Qur'an in the age of seven, and got religious education from Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband, He was the special servant of Hazrat Gangohi RAHMATULLAH A'LAlHE Hazrat Gangohi RAHMA11JLLAH A'LAllIE also loved him very much and used to say that 'Molvi Yah'ya is my eyes'. He had such a grip on Arabic literature that he very frankly wrote in Arabic prose and poetry.
 He was a man of very pleasant personality: with smiling face in the day, and weeping eyes in the night. Completing the recitation of one Qur'an was his daily routine. He was a trendsetter in teaching Hadees and taught in the madrasah without pay, and used to bind books to earn his living.