Shortcomings mistakes of Workers and public understanding:of Tablighi Jamaat

(Portion of my letter in response to a Brother who pointed mistakes of the workers of Tablighi Jamaat) 

"Assalam o Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuhu, 

May Allah bless you with all hikmat and barkat in your life. Your concern about correcting the wrong practices in Dawah work is very good and it is from Allah. Now it is upto you to strive for its correction with 

1. Being passionate for their correction and doing dua for it.
2. With Hikmat
3. Ikhlas
4. With having trust among those in whom you are working for correction. (Take prophet example of correction of Kaba construction Hadith)
5.With being clear in your mind that result is not in you hand. You have only to be careful about your intention and putting best of your ability. You will get full reward and doer is only Allah.
6. To do till last breath of your life

So many people who claim for correction of the Dawah work, got derailed and shaitan played its game of damaging Dawah work and the cause of Muslim ummah as they missed any the above points. 

I do dua that it may not happen with you........................ 

.....And if you are not agreed on the basic idea of Tablighi Jamaat and it is your ijtahad that it is not the correct manhaj of Dawah, then I have no problem with you as difference of opinion is acceptable in these subjects..........But then please dont come for correction taking name of the mistakes of the worker as you will not be able to do justice and it will create more problem than any solution........Still the choice is yours......

Jazakallah o khair 


1. Misunderstanding 
Tablighi Jamaat is a Group or exclusive work for certain people.

The work of Dawah and Tabligh is the work of whole Muslim Ummah.Quran says to help each other on the matter of   Neki and Taqwa. 
All Muslims who are coming mosque for Salat,Having concern about deen has a responsibility for other brothers. This is the concept of Masjidwar Jamaat. 
it is not a group or sect.Wikipedia rightly say that Maulana Ilyas has not put any name.He said if he would have put it would be Tehreek e Imaan/Emaan Movement.People of South Asia started calling it as Tablighi Jamaat  It is a movement of Ummah to strenthen Emaan and Amaal e Salihe to start from oneself to family to town country and the whole World.Although. Although in Ummah people of different capabilities are there so they may not understand this completely. May Allah give us taufeeq to understand the work of Dawah and May Allah give us the neede quality for it.
Below is the incidence of Maulana Saad Sb of Hazrat Nizamuddin Delhi,to clarify the issue Further. (Taken from Maulana Saad book Priceless Advice,a very good book for all Daee)

Mulana Manzur Nomani R.A. in his book has clarified that Actually in Tabligh people of all levels are their.

So it is obvious that mistakes will be. It is actually a Place of Washerman where very dirty Cloths also come. From the book Jamaat Tabligh par Aitarazat ke jawabat

One detail Answer of some misunderstanding has been written by Maulana Manzur Nomani Writer of Maariful Hadith in Urdu.TO see please click the link

Misunderstanding 2. Tabligh is encouraging to leave the world Affiars/to not attend Family Care.Let it be clarified. 
Tabligh elders always stress on good completion of worldly responsibility.
If I remember student life at Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh,our elders always used to stress on Studies,and doing it well.  Similarly they never allow to leave the job and to go in Jamaat.
And the results also proves........
In the work of Tabligh thousand of DOCTORS ,ENGINEERS, Beurocrats, Sportsman and Big Businessman are active worker and also fulfilling their engagements.
I will not reveal the name but the many Shura Member of my district and State are very big Businessman.
At the same time their are exceptions and some people violate it. But they are very less and our elders donot endorse them as right. 

By Maulana Saeed Ahmad Khan Makki 

Next Mazmoon is by Fazilatus Sheikh Maulana Abdur Razzaq  Iskandar sb Principal Jamia Binuria Karachi book ki kitab se liya gaya hai Puri kitab Download ke liye is link par click karein