Shabguzari Weekly Ijtema Markaz Tarteeb Programme Maulana Yusuf Advice

Correct feature of weekly night's ijtema (Shabguzari)
When there is encouragement in every house to send at least one person for four months, by regular two weekly gasht in local mosques, and when brothers are joining ta’leem and zikr, and

when there is an effort to send a three days jamaat every month from every mosque, then the weekly Friday night ijtema will be on a proper level and there will be a scope for advancing this work.

All brothers should go with their food and their sleeping bag to the ijtema location at the time of asr. After mashwara select a person for dawaah who is active in this effort and who has strong feelings about the demands of this work.

Tashkeel should be done with great firmness of attention. If nobody is ready to go out cash, then work should continue at night, with crying and sincere Dua. The jamaat should be tashkeeled and sent out in the morning. Jamaat arriving from local masjids for three days should be sent to locations up to seven or eight miles away. From every Friday night ijtema we should try to send jamaat out for four months and forty days.
If, Allah forbid, the demand is not fulfilled at the weekly
ijtema, then effort must continue during the week in our own localities to prepare brothers to go out, to fulfil dem