Opposition to Tablighi Jamaat is infinite loss of Ummat and Whole Humanity at large

تبلیغی جماعت سے دشمنی مسلمان اور انسانیت کا عظیم نقصان ہے
तबलीगी जमात से दुश्मनी ummat और मानवता की बड़ी क्षति है
1. Everyone of us has to die one day. We have forgotten our death but death has not forgotten us. Time of death is fixed but not known. Never ending life after death is for all human being.

2. We all have to face our Lord,our creator our sustainer the Almighty Allah. Now the options are two, to face the day of Judgement unprepared or Prepared. For this preparation two things are required 1.Correct believes 2. Correct Action. 
3. The command of Allah and Way of prophet is only guarantee of happy and successful life in this world also. This way of life is closest to your nature.It will give real satisfaction weather money is less or more.With money you can buy materials but not peace, can buy comfortable beds but not sleep, After giving everything Allah may make you unsuccessful. As he did for many in past even after giving kingship. To be Successful and Unsuccessful only criteria is deen. Allah do only justice and all human beings are his slaves.

4. These facts are so important that the first person on the face of earth Hazrat Adam (ALAIHISSALAM) was a prophet/messenger to convey these. Then a long and continuous chain of prophet were sent that included Hazrat Ibraheem (Abraham) Ishaq (Isac) Dawood (David) Moosa (Moses) and Isa (Jesus Christ ) Peace be upon all of them,Alihissalam Ajmaeen. Muhammad PBUH is the last in chain of prophets. Now till the day of judgement no new Prophet will come .........

5. Then......who will carry forward this MOST VITAL CRITICAL MESSAGE FOR HUMANITY FOR THEIR EVER AND EVER SUCCESS.........Allah has made a very strong arrangement for this

6. . He has assigned this responsibility on the BELIEVERS OF ummat e Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, .........SO......... Work of Dawah and Tabligh is duty of all Muslims.Dawat o Tabligh is the need of every human being.It is a process that to be started from his own and has to reach all over the world last person before the day of judgment.

7.At the same time correction of ourself Emaan, good deeds and Purification of soul is Critically important. Effort of Dawat o Tabligh is combination of these. Effort is free from any group Ideology and it is for all.
The cord of bound are following 

1.Love Passion mercy for all mankind including Non believers,for their success in the life after death.Striving for paradise for all. 

2.How each human being be saved from the fire of hell................

3.Islam,the final message of Almighty to mankind....We are responsible for....striving to follow the commands of Allah..........and to follow the Path of Hazrat Muhammad S A.W ........
Actually no name was put for the movement of Emaan and Amaal e Saleha.Maulan Ilyas said I never even thought keeping any name.If it would have been,it is emaan movement.But people started calling it Tablighi Jamaat and this name became so popular that everyone is calling with this.

8. This is not the official blog of Tablighi Jamaat. Tableeghi Jamaat has a written policy for criticism and allegations.
Maulana Inamul Hasan (R.A.)(died 1995) the former Amir of Tableeghi Jamaat has said.

"It is better that in case the objections and criticism if they are correct, rectify them .{No one is free from shortcomings} Whereas if they are wrong ,have patience (leave the matter to Allah)."
(Book Insight into dawah and its understanding & cognition Page No 181 translation of urdu book Dawat ki Faham o baseerat or uska Idrak)
Then Why we are writing????????
Tablighi Jamaat is doing the basic, crucial important ground work of bringing people towards the way of Almighty. They are connecting people to their lord, and millions are getting benef Alhamdulillah.But there are persons/Organizations who criticize it because of group mentality with baseless allegations and confuse the general Public. This is not loss of tablighi jamaat as in Tabligh their is no post/position/Money matters,so no loss or gain.But it is loss of Islamic Dawah, loss of Muslim Ummah and loss of humanity at large. The group mentality is also eating strength of muslims from within.
We want to answer
1.General people who are free from group mentality and are of good intention and heart but have some misunderstanding about Tabligh. It is their right to get answer so that they could get benefit from the blessed work of Dawah and Tabligh.
2.Muslims who are under group mentality 98% are good people but has been misinformed , facts has been concealed/misprojected to them. If they will come to know the reality will participate in the work of Dawah and Tabligh.
We are not answering to
Among Muslims who are under group mentality and know all the truth but not ready to accept. They are spreading confusion to strengthen their group and some worldly benefit of fame and position.We pray for them .
Actually Iblees/Satan is responsible for this.He is keeping away us from Positive Dawah.On each front of Islam so much work is remaining.But Iblees has involved us in criticising each others/Leg pulling,instead of doing something positive at ground. Iblees is teaching us that criticism/controversy is easiest way of gaining popularity.
Critism should be with deep knowledge ,clear heart and intention(WASEE ILM aur PAK QULOOB) for the purpose of correction.Sheikh Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi Rahimullah has written at lenth on this aspect of Muslim organisation and Scholars and has suggested way for correction in his book Tabligh e deen ka ek Usool in Urdu. May Allah guide us and give Hidayat for ourself,and for whole mankind.
May Allah help us to be neutral and free from group mentality and to keep Islam first. May Allah give us taufeeq to tell truth in anger and happiness. May Allah save all of us from evil of Nafs (Self ego). Only Allah can give the strength.
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