ADAB E TILAWAT (Etiquette of Recitation of Quran)

Quran Recitation
Etiquette ofreciting the Quran . .
1. Recite under' best circumstances including in Wudu, facmg Qibla,
and sit in a respectable, honorable manner.
2. Recite slowly.

3. Fear Allah during recitation. Rasul :i said: Recite the Quran and cry. If you cannot cry, then force yourself to be like crying. (Ibn Majah).
4. Recite with beautiful voice. Rasul :i said: He is not one of us who
does not make his voice beautiful with the Quran. (Bukhari, Muslim).
Rasul :i said: Beautify the Quran by your voices. (Ahmad).

Rasul said: Allah has not permitted anything like He has permitted a
prophet to recite the Quran in a good voice. (Bukhari; Muslim).

5. Recite privately if you fear of showoff, reputation, or will disturb
those who are praying. Recitation should be done secretly like
charity, unless to encourage others by doing publicly.

6. Thinkand ponder about the meaning while reading.

7. A reader of Quran should not be the one who is not attentive while reading and going against what it says.

8. Every Muslim must learn, understand, and live by the Quran.
Whoever learns the Quran and teaches it is the best amongst us. It
removes the rust on the heart and guides to success. The person who
is blessed with the Quranic knowledge got the best blessing.

9. The person who memorized the Quran and acted accordingly will beable to take 10 sinful people among his/her relatives from Hell to
Paradise by Allah's order.

10. The person that has difficulty reading Quran yet tries his/her best to learn it will get double the reward than a fluent reader.

11. The best time to read Quran is in the early morning. Make wudu and say auzubillahe minas saitanir rajeem and bismillahir rahmanir
raheem before reciting the Quran. Da'wah etiquette

12. Try your best to learn the rules of recitation so you can pronounce everything correctly and distinctly. Allah eagerly loves to listen to the person who recites the Quran.

13. Be attentive when you recite the Quran and when others recite. You get 10 rewards for each letter you recite in the Quran.

14:Make sejda when you see a prostration mark in the Quran.

15. When reading about punislnnent or sins, be fearful and Seek refuge to Allah.

16. When reading about rewards and paradise, say subhanallah and ask Allah to grant you that happiness.

17. Remember that these are the words of Allah, and you must take care of the Quran respectfully.

18. Don't slam the Quran here and there, or put something on top of it like you handle ordinary books.

19. After reciting Quran, say sadaqallahul aaleyul aasem (The most
High, the Mighty Allah spoke the truth). We should thank Allah for
sending this Quran for our guidance.

20. If you want to be a good Muslim, you should see how Muhammad ~and his companions followed the Quran, and follow them in order to act Islamically.