Six Points of Tabligh in Urdu and English, (Six Qualities that is stressed in Tableeghi Jamaat principles (Chheh Batein)


What is Six Point????????
Chheh Batein/Cheh Number Kya Hai??

Before Six Point detail and book in Urdu and English...........A kind Request for those who are doing the effort of Dawat o Tabligh.
Allah has done blessing on you that You have connection with the blessed effort of Dawat-o-Tabligh. You are doing the basic, crucial important ground work of bringing people towards the way of Almighty.You have understood the effort of Dawah, it is not your ability but Allah blessing only. You are treasure and asset of Ummah. Your energy and time is very precious. So devout Your time in Dawah Work as being instructed by elders and be careful that qualities are coming in your life. Concentrate Dawah work among common mass.This is from Manhaj of Beloved prophet Muhammad sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. 

2. 95% of Great Ulema /Scholars all over the world including Arab world are supporting Tabligh work. Although they are working in service of Islam in different fields e.g Madarsa etc so they may not always have active Participation.

3. Some Ulema Scholars may have some misunderstanding, Your work and character should convince them. This method was successfully used by Maulana Ilyas Rahimullah. He not only convinced Rather He even took active work from those who were initially even against the effort. Some Scholars may be pointing the mistakes of workers. Don’t take it as opposition. Rather it should be listened carefully and should be corrected.

4. Don’t be discouraged with baseless allegations by some ......................Groups/ persons on You Tube/Face book/Internet. Do Sabr ,Do dua for them and leave the matter to Allah. Don’t waste your time in it
5.Answers to their Points are on the internet although not at one Place. Some of these answers have been collected on this blog.Alhamdulillah there are scholars who individually have now taken the issue of dealing these baseless allegations. Do dua that they should reply with humbleness, with knowledge, without abusing /disgracing anyone and in scholary Manner. 

6.If anyone ask you any question/Ashkal/objection about the effort of Tabligh, You should give only one answer,.......... Request him to go in the path of Allah in Jamaat.Tell him this is only option to understand the work. If still question is remaining give him address of Bangle Wali Masjid, Markaz Nizamuddin New Delh India and ask him to write letter/to meet them.

7.Some / organisation /You tube/face book/TV scholars  will try to confuse  you on the name of Aqeedah.They will approach you and will do mischieves and will try to keep you away from the work of Dawah. They are working for their group and nothing to do with Islam or Aqeedah of Islam. They simply has come to confuse you . They ......................... ask  some  terminologies and try to confuse you....... .........We also got trapped in it .........We were knowing the fact but not terminologies so they confused us and created .............doubts against work of Tableegh.......... So please be clear that Islamic Aqeedah is very simple and clear without any confusion
and well described in Quran and Ahadith and has been well explained by Imams muhaddethin of Salafus Salehin.You should have Aqeedah Knowledge. 
You can read this book for Aqeedah knowledge in Islam.
This book contains full Aqeedatut Tahawi with translation that is original text and source book of Islamic Aqeedah. It has some advices from Scholars so that you could face any fitnah on the name of Aqeedah.

7.If anyone bring issue related with Fiqh e.g Position of Hand in Prayer etc.These issue are not under scope/Jurisdiction of Tablighi Jamaat. Don’t argue with them. Refer him to a Madarsa e.g In India Darul Uloom, Nadwatul Ulema, any Madarsa in your country etc. You can also give him mail ID He may get help from us.

8. Increase the amount of Dua specially at night. Elders are telling that we are severly lagging in this area. It is very important area for any Daee/caller to Allah. Allah taala specially commanded the greatest Daee, Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. He used to be in Night Prayer regularly.Dont forget us also in Dua.JAZAKALLAH


What is Six Point????????
English book six point of Tabligh by BilalMalik.Alhadulillah very good collection of quran Ayats Ahadith .Click below for download

3.Urdu Mein Maulana Saad Markaz Nizamuddin book Cheh Batein Yahan click Karein ( cheh number ki Mehnat)

1.In English collection of Articles on Six Qualities  Click here.
Chheh Batein/Cheh Number Kya Hai??
1.Ye Chheh Sifat Hain,
Jo Sahaba ki Zindagi se Lee gayi Hain. 

2.Yeh Mukamaal deen nahin hai. 
Mukammal deen Quran e Pak aur Uski Tafseer Pyare Rasool ki Ahadith e Mubaraka hai.

3.Yeh Chhai Batein woh Sifat Hain Jo tamama Sahabah mein Payee jatee thin Agar ham Koshish Mehnat Karke In Sifat ko Apni Zindagi Mein Le Aenge to Hamara Bhi Pure Deen par Chalna Asan Ho jayega.Aur pure deen par chalne ki salahiat ho Jaegi.

4.ALLAH raste me nikalkar 6 baaton par amli mashq karenge to Insha ALLAH hamara deen par chalna asaan ho jayega.....Yeh 6 baatein yeh hain :

1. IMAAN yani KALIMA " La ilaha illal lahu muhammadur RasulAllah"
3. ILM aur ZIkR

PARHEZ K TAUR PAR LAYANI BAATON SE BACHNA....(Aisi Baat jisse na deen ka aur na Dunia Ka Phaeda)

1. IMAAN :
                   Imaan ka bol hai KALIMA"Laa ilaha illal lahu muhammadur rasul ALLAH -Tarjuma -Nahin koi mabood siwaye ALLAH k aur Hazrat Muhammad Sallal Laahu Alaihi wasallam ALLAH k Rasul hain" 
Isse yeh chaha ja raha hai ki hamare dil ka yaqeen sahi ho jaye; "Ki kisi se kuch nahin hota hai r sab kuch 1 ALLAH se hota hai,Allah apni Zaat aur Sifat me Yakta Hai.Wahi Tan Tnha Taqat Wala hai aur sirf usi ki Ibadat Karni Hai kyonki Sare Asbab ka Nafa Nuksan uske Hath mein Hai,
 aur Janabe Rasul Ullah Muhammad Sallal lahu alaihi wasallam k tariqon par Duniya aur Aakhirat dono jahan ki kamyabi hai.Iske Alawa tamam tareeqe batil hain aur dunia aur akhirat mein nakam karne wale hain.

Is Yaqqen ko Hasil karne ke liye 3 Line ki mehnat hai :
1. Daawat - Kamil imaan ki ummat me chalfirkar Dawat dena.
2. Mashq - Allah ki qudrat par gaur aur fiqr karna aur apni dawat k baad us k baare me dil se kahna ki  yeh ki jo dawat maine di hai wo haq hai aur sach hai.
3. Dua - Imaan ki haqiqat ko ALLAH se ro rokar duaon k zariye se ai ALLAH hame Imaan ki haqiqat ata farma.
Below is english from janab Bilal Malik book six points of Tabliagh

2. NAMAZ :
        Namaz se yeh chaha ja raha hai ki A.hamare andar sifate salat paida ho jaye yani jis tarah ham namaz mein Allah ke hukm aur nabi ke tareeqe par sab kuch Karte hain Waise hi namaz ke bahar ki zindagi mein bhi Allah ke hukm aur nabi ke tareeqe ko pura karein.
B.aur hum ALLAH k khazane se barahe rast lenewale ban jayen.
C. Hamari Namaz Hamein Fahash o Munkirat se rokni wali ho jaee.(Innas salate Tanha Anil Fahshae Wal Munkar.

D. Bukhari ki Hadeeth ka Mafhoom hai ki Ibadat aisi ho jaise too allah kpo dekh raha hai.Ya Allah tujhe dekh raha hai.
Iske liye 3 Line ki mehnat hai :
1. Daawat - Kamil Namaz ki ummat me chalfirkar Dawat dena.Allah ke dhyan (Khushu-Khuzu/sifate Ihsan) Wali namaz ki dawat dena.
2. Mashq - Namaz k zahir aur batin ko malum karke inhe apni namaz me paida karna .NAMAZ ka 
   ZAHIR yeh hai ki,WAZU se lekar SALAM pherne tak tamam maselon ko sikhkar ada karna
       NAMAZ ka BATIN yeh hai ki jab hum namaz padhe to is dhyan k saath padhe Jise Hadith mein Ihsan Bataya Gaya hai/Ya Khushu Khuzu.
             Hum ALLAH ko dekh rahe hain agar yeh kaifiyat paida na ho to kum se kum yeh                to zarur dhyan me rakhe ki ALLAH to hame dekh hi raha hai.
3. Dua -   NAMAZ ki haqiqat ko ALLAH se ro rokar duaon k zariye se ai ALLAH tu 
                hame bhi maqbool namaz ki taufiq ata farma.

3. ILM aur ZIQR :
      ILM se yeh chaha ja raha hai ki 
1. Hamare andar Tahqeeq ka Jazaba Paida HO Jae, Nafe Wla Ilm Janne ka jazaba.
2. Ham Ulema se/unki mustanad kitabon se Puch puch kar Amal karne Wale Ban jaein
3.Hum haal k amr ko pehchannewale ban jayen ki jis haal me hum hain is waqt ALLAH hum se kya chahta hai. Aur us kam mein Pyare Rasool muhammad S.A.W. ka kya tareeqa hai.

Asal ILM to QABR k 3 sawalon ka hai.....Deen kya hai.......Tumhara Rab kon hai....Huzur e pak S.A.W. ke bare mein.......Hamare Sare Ilm ki Tag o doo iske ird gird Ghumti Rahe............Agar Duniawi Ilm bhi hai to usse Allah ko Pahchane...........Falkiat,Science ......sab ke andar allah ki Qudrat chipi hai...... 

Iske liye 3 Line ki mehnat hai :
1. Daawat - Hum deen k nisbat se jo bhi ilm rakhte hain uski ummat me chalfirkar Dawat dena.
2. Mashq -  Ilm ki koi intaha nahi hai, Khoob Hasil karein. Quran ki Tafseer kisi Mustanad Alim ki Padhein, aur Hadith ka tarjuma bhi padhein Mustand Alim ka likha hua.
ILM 2 tarah ka hota hai ; (1) MASAEL wala ILM (2) FAZAIL wala ilm
         (1)Masailwala ilm Ulema ki majlison se hasil karen (2) Fazailwala ilm isse Amal ka shauq paida hota hai...... Taalim k halqo se haasil karen.                       
3. Dua -   ALLAH se ro rokar duaon k zariye se ai ALLAH tu 
                hame ILM NAAFE ata farma.

ZIkR :
           Ziqr se yeh chaha ja raha hai hamare andar ALLAH ka dhyan paida ho jaye aur hum ALLAH ki ibadat ALLAH k dhyan k saath karnewale ho jaye.
ALLAH ka dhyan hoga to humse gunaah kam honge aur tauba ki Taufeeq Hogi .Deen mein zikr ka bada darja hai.....Quran o hadith mein iski bahut takeed ayi hai.
Iske liye 3 Line ki mehnat hai :
1. Daawat - Ummat me chalfirkar khub ziqr ki fazilat bayan karke unhe iski Dawat dena.
2. Mashq - Ziqr ka mashq yeh hai ki,Hum 
A.Quran ki tilawat khub karen,Ise sikhen bhi aur sikhaye bhi, Samjhein aur Amal karein
 2.Tasbihaat ki pabandi rozana karen,Koshish karein ki 
 Subah sham  100 bar 3ra Kalima,
                  100 bar Darud Shareef,100 Bar Astaghfar padhen....
Saath hi saath Masnoon Duaon ka bhi ehtimam karen.....                               
3. Dua -   Ziqr ki haqiqat ko ALLAH se ro rokar duaon k zariye se ai ALLAH tu 
                hame bhi apne ziqr ki taufiq ata farma.

   1..Isse yeh chaha ja raha hai ki hamare andar Isaar,Hamdardi aur Ghamkhwari ka jazba paida ho jaye.
2.Hum Badon ki Izzat,Choton par Shafqat aur Ulema e Deen ki qadar karne wale ban jaye.
3.Hum na sirf musalmanon ki balki gair-musalmano ke Huquq ko bhi ada  karne wale hon Hatta ke janwaron ke bhi Huquq.

4. Ham Har musalman ki izzat karein usko apne se achha samjhein ki uske pas emman hai aur agar woh Eman ke sath dunia se gaya to Jnnat mein jaega.......Kisi ko Haqeer na samjhein......taki is ummat me jod paida ho sake,
5.Hum apne haq ki riyayat karte huye dusron k haq ko pooch-pooch kar ada karnewale ban jayen.

Iske liye 3 Line ki mehnat hai :
1. Daawat - Ummat me chalfirkar unhe Iqram ki daawat dena aur apne akhlaq ko sabse accha banane ki koshish karna.
2. Mashq -  Hum SALAAM me pehal karnewale hon aur SALAAM ko khub aam karnewale hon,
jab koi beemar ho to uski ayadat kane jayen,
koi pareshan ho to uski tajiyat me jayen,
aas pados walon ki khair khairiat lete rahe.Sabse muhabbat karen.               
3. Dua -   ALLAH se ro rokar duaon k zariye se ai ALLAH tu 
                hame bhi dusron ka iqram karnewala bana de.

                                   Isse yeh chaha ja raha hai ki hum jo bhi NEK amal karen khalis ALLAH ko razi karne k liye karen,
Naam o Namood,Shohrat aur kisi ko dikhlawe k liye na kren.
ALLAH tamam amaalon me se usi amal ko qubul karte hain jo khalis unhi k liye kiya gaya ho.

Iske liye 3 Line ki mehnat hai :
1. Daawat - Ummat me chalfirkar Ikhlas ki Dawat dena.
2. Mashq - Iska mashq yeh hai ki apne har amal k shuru me,beech me aur aakhir me yeh gaur karna ki
                  hum jo amal kar rahen hain kiske liye karne ja rahe hain,kiske liye kar rahen hain,
                  aur hamne yeh amal kiske liye kiya.    
3. Dua -   ALLAH se ro rokar duaon k zariye se ai ALLAH tu 
                hame har nek amal khalis teri raza k liye ikhlas k saath karne ki taufiq ata farma.

                   Isse yeh chaha ja raha hai ki ALLAH ka diya hua JAAN,MAAL aur WAQT ka sahi istemal ho jaye.
Aur yeh sab kuch ALLAH k huqmon ke mutabiq kharch ho jaye,Qki ALLAH ne hamare JAAN,MAAL ko Jannat k badle me pehle hi khareed liya hai,hum pehle se hi bike huye hain,hamara kuch bhi nahin hai.

Iske liye 3 Line ki mehnat hai :
1. Daawat - Ummat me chalfirkar Dawat dena.

2. Mashq -  Sahaba ne deen par apna sab kuch lagaya....Bacchon ko yateem kiya ,Bhukhe rahe..Hazrat Ali R.A. Hazrat Abu Bkar sab Deen ke khatir bahut takleefein uthain........Apne ghar ko choda....Puri dunia mein Phail Gaye.......Shaba ki Qabrein kahan kahan hain......Hindustan ke Kerala aur Tamilnadu states mein hain....Africa ke jandalon tak sahaba deen ko lekar pahunche........Unhone apna kam pura kiya .......Ab Hamari bari hai......

Leki ham Shaba Jaisi qurbani ke laeq nahin hain....Bahut kamzor hain.....Hmari kamzori ko dekhte hue ek asan si Tarteeb hai warna asal to wahi hai jo sahaba ne kiya....... 
Is ki ek Asaan Tarteeb yeh hai ki hum apni puri zindagi me himmat karke 1 baar apni mashguli se waqt nikalkar ALLAH k raasten me 4 mahina lagayen,Phir iske baad Har Saal 40 Din ALLAH k raasten me nikle r deen seekhen,Har Mahina 27 din khub jam kar halal tarike se rozi kamayen aur 3 din ALLAH k deen k liye nikalen,
Masjid k 5 aamalon me apne aapko shaamil karen.Jisme (1) Rozana Masjid ki taalim me fikron k saath baithe Amal ki niyat se
 (2)Ghar me bhi taalim ko zinda karen qki hamari MAA-BEHNON ka bhi masla hai,Mard se jyada aurten hain aurton se jyada Bacchhe hain....Unki fikar kaoun karega hum to masjid me aakar deen ki baat sun lete hain hamari ghar ki Masturat ka kya hoga wo kahan jayengi,Unke saath bhi Qabr aur Hashr ka masala hoga.
(3)Mashwaron ki bhi fiqron k saath pabandi karen aur apni mohalle basti k logon ko masjid wale aamal main jodne kai aitbaar se mashwara karen. 
(4) Rozana 2 1/2 Hrs. Fajar k baad ya jab bhi apko waqt mile mohalle me chal firkar logon se mulaqaten karke unhe deen ki daawat de,chahe wo apki baat maane ya na maane rozana sabko dawat dain.DAWAT,TAALIM aur ISTEQBAAL k saath. 
(5) Hafte me 2 Gasht karen 1 apni Masjid ka aur 1 Pados ki dusri Masjid ka jahan mashware se tay ho jaaye. Yaad raken 2 Gasht milakar pura Gasht hota hai,Apne mahalle aur pados ke mahalle donon ki fikr.
3. Dua - ALLAH se ro rokar duaon k zariye se ai ALLAH tu hame bhi apne deen k raste k liye qabool farma aur hame bhi deen ka kaam karne ki taufiq ata farma.

LAYANI SE BACHNA : (Aisi Baat jisse na deen ka aur na Dunia Ka Phaeda)
                                     Parhez k taur par layani baton aur kamon se yanio fazul baton aur kamon se apne ko bachana taki hamari NEKIYON ki hifazat ho jaye.
Allah Ham sab ko Amal ki Taufeeq naseeb Farmaye. (Ameen)