MAULANA ILYAS FAMILY and their religious status

Maulana Mohammed Ilyas  was born in 1885  His childhood was spent in maternal grandfather's home in Kandhla, and with his father at Nizamuddin.  

In those days, the Kandhla family was the cradle of godliness and piety so much so that reports of the high religiosity  nightly devotions and Zikr and Tilawat  of its members, both male and female, would seem imaginary and fictitious to the faint-hearted men of our time
The ladies used to recite the Quran themselves in the Nafl  prayers as well  listen to its Tarawih and other Nafl prayers. standing behind the male relatives  The month of Ramadan, in particular, was the springtime for the Quran. It was read for long hours, almost in every home 
The Quran with its translation and commentary in Urdu, and Mazaahir-i-Haq Mashariq ul Anwaar and His-i-Haseen formed the the education of the ladies.