Maulana Yusuf wife sacrifice for Deen and Dawah


In any family, the person who knows the husband best is the wife. The Maulana’s late wife had been suffering from tuberculosis, and
 towards the end, her condition had considerably deteriorated. But the Maulana could hardly spare a moment to look after her. Someone sent his wife to her, having advised her to talk to Maulana’s wife with such sympathy that she should be
induced to betray any grudges she bore against the Maulana. The lady talked to her for quite sometime. But the Maulana’s wife did not utter a single word of complaint against her husband.
Instead, she defended him, saying, “he is so engrossed in his work, that he hardly has any time even to look after himself. I have myself told him not to worry about me. I am receiving treatment for my illness. If God were to bring us together in heaven we would have enough time to live in peace.” Some months later she died
while in prayer.
   (Tabligh movement page 61 BY Maulana Waheeduddin khan)