Tablighi jamaat knowlege issue and its solution

Assalam O Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

Some brother alleges Tablighi jamaat for having brothers not well in knowledge.
Someone went/goes in the path of Allah for 40 days but still his tajweed is not correct.and his knowledge remain very poor.

Letus discuss this issue
By the grace of Allah this year I was in Haj and we stayed near Sindhi masjid MISFALAH (DR) at Ibraheem khaleel road.
There was a semi government local foundation of Saudi Arab .They used to come in sindhi masjid after ASAR and after fajir to teach TAJWEED among Hajis.4-5 teachers used to come. Similar foundation ustad used to go to Hiram also. They used to maintain a rergister also with name and nationality.  From the first day I attended there classes and on their order I made announcement in the sindhi mosque in urdu requesting the HAJIS about importance of tajweed and to attend this tajweed class after fazar and after Asar.
What I observed there is the answer of your discussion at the same time question for all muslims.(I know that I have to face Allah so inshaallah there will not be any exaggeration in putting the facts there.)
1.     Very few people took any interest in learning Tajweed that too for free. There time was also relatively free.
2.      There were only some 10-15 brothers who regularly attended and completed some 15 surats.
3.     By the grace of Allah My Tajweed was best among all. They asked me How you TAjweed got corrected. Despite knowing they will not like tabligh, I frankly told them that I used to go in Tableeghi Jamaat and there only I learned tajweed.
4.     When I became open others also told that they used to go in Tabligh.Nearly 75% of all participants were connected with blessed work of dawah and tableegh.
5.     There was a 60 yrs old man from Bangladesh who has gone for four month and was active worker but his Tajweed was very poor. Some other brothers were also there that has gone in jamaat but there Tajweed was not correct.
6.     Finally I requested them to run their programme in Indian subcontinent also.
Some other observation
I started going in Jamaat from student days at Aligarh Muslim University. When we used to go in jamaat at least 3-4 person whose tajweed are correct used to be there.So correction of Tajweed of others was very easy. After Aligarhat other places when I went in jamaat ,Situation was not very smooth,In many jamaat getting even 2 brothers whose tajweed is correct at times become difficult.
So obviously if anybody goes in jamaat in this situation his correctness effort will be jeopardized, and he will not return with the level that brothers are expecting from them.
Maulana Ilyas was of the view that in every jamaath there should be an Hafiz and Alim. But how to get it is a big question.Number of jamaat /brothers willing to go far exceed than the knoelagable person willing to go in jamaat.If you go markaz nizamuddin there they always remain busy in searching the proper ameer and at times even if they understand that you are not fully suitable but they have no other option to make you.
So it is not the fault of Tableeghi jamaat system lather fault on the part of muslim ummah.We all are equally responsible, even if we are not ready to accept it.
1.Dont send jamaat if an Alim/Hafiz/scholar is not available.
Tableegh objective is broad and multifaceted and knowledge is only one of the aspect of deen so stopping someone is not a good option.
2.Knowlegable people and Ulemas should go in the path of Allah and to teach the people who are less knowlagable.
This solution is viable one and all muslim should co operate and adopt it. So my first request is for brothers who are part of the discussion and at the same time for all muslims specially those who are scholars/Alims /knowlegable Persons.
May Allah give us taufeeq to understand this blessed effort of dawah and to take active part in it and protect dawah from my malfunction and misconduct that possibly gives the effort of dawah a a bad name.