Understanding TASAWWUF :Manzur Nomani confusion

Maulana Manzur Nomani  view on Tasawwuf
Manzur Nomani Writes.........................

Before continuing with this subject, 1 wish to relate my own incident.

Truly Hazrat Mujaddid Alfe Thani, Hazrat Shah Waliullah, Hazrat
Sayed Ahmad Shaheed, Hazrat Shah Ismail Shaheed, Hazrat Rashid
Ahmad Ghangohi were great sheikhs and leaders of the spiritual and
mystical path whom I hold in high esteem and in whom I have
confidence. The love for these personalities had soaked into my heart and mind, yet with tasawwuf (spiritual reformation of the soul) I was discontented. My inner disposition was perturbed about it and in my mind there were academic objections against it.

 Maulana Manzoor Nomani R.A goes to Abdurraheem sb Raipuri R.A.

At the beginning of 1362, Allah predetermined an occurrence. I
happened to be in the service of a noted sage, whom I considered to be of those special to Allah and a man of faith and sincerity, for about a week. A wonderful opportunity arose for me to discuss the special activities and methods of tassawwuf according to my understanding, not to re-assure myself with vanity but to reform the frame of thinking of that sage in this line. But this servant of Allah found a wonderful way to cure me from this malady. The details of which is much and this is not the occasion to go into it. Briefly having listened to him for two or three days, all those objections and misunderstandings were removed and I came to know that these were insinuations and the objections were I on account of my wrong notions.

These few days that I had spent in the company of this saint were a
turning-point in my life. 

When I was about to depart from him, with
affection and love he impressed upon me saying, "You should go often to Hazrat Delhwi and keep meeting him." This sage called Maulana Muhammad llyas by the title of 'Hazrat Dehlawi'. I said, "1 had been many times in his company, I have in my heart the greatest respect for him but I was not impressed much." 

Having heard these words coming from my tongue, that saint referred to Hazrat Maulana in exalting terms whose substance was that there are many who have a special link with Allah, but a very special link amidst other special connections also occurs and, in my view, Hazrat Dehlawi has an extra special link with Allah in this era.