Balance in Islamic life is must Different islamic works are complimentary and not antagonist

If someone is involved in tasawwuf, is it ok if he does not do the effort of dawah and tabligh?


All these efforts are needed and have to be done simultaneously in order to create a better individual and a more religious society. One who is concentrating on Tasawwuf should not neglect the effort of Da?awah and Tabligh but should try and create a balance in his life.

For example, Weekly, if a person attends the mas-ala of a certain Buzurg on a Thursday, then he should participate in the Ghusht and Jawla programmes on Monday and Wednesday. In other words, we need to make some type of adjustments to our daily lives and routines in order to facilitate all these efforts of Deen which are Haqq. We should refrain from becoming totally one sided, biased and neglecting some of these efforts and dotingly only some.

and Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Mufti Ebrahim Desai