`Ilm, `amal and Dhikr (Knowledge,action and Remembrance of Allah)

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

""Knowledge" (`ilm) ought to inculcate "action" (`amal), and "action" ought to give rize to "remembrance" (dhikr). For this very reason, knowledge is knowledge; and "action" is "action".

If "knowledge" does not inculcate "action" then it is sheer darkness; and if "action" does not bring "remembrance" into ones heart then it is nothing but hot air; and "remembrance" without "knowledge" is also a fitna."
-Malfuzaat Hazrat Maulana Ilyas r.a, #63, Pg.62, Maktaba Khaleel

Note : The journey of a muslim traverses on a conveyance having three profound components. "`ilm", "`aml" and "dhikr". An absence of even one of these cripples the conveyance. One may live in a facade of achieving the aim of Deen, but his reality is that of a one winged bird. It simply doesn't progress.

In our age, we lull ourselves into thinking that our knowledge is matured, and actions are profound and our connection with Allah is sound; yet most if not all of us are in deep trance of either our own nafs or shaytaan. Our actions contradict our knowledge and our heart testifies what transgressions we do despite our submittance to Allah's power. This only shows the weakness of our link (ta`alluq) with Allah.

It is incumbent for us to take a guide, in all these facets of Deen and materialize the true essence of Shari`ah.Al three must be given their due importance, lest we loose the importance of the aims of this Deen..