Karnal (Colonel) Ameeruddin sb in South Africa First Jammat

this passage in written from the speech delivered by karnal Amiruddin Sb in hyderabad.

............................Hazrath moulana yousuf (rah) asked karnal sab " see u are a karnal and u must find a way to enter into South africa " . 

Then a plan was made using the map to enter into africa.According to map they have to walk in the jungles of Africa for around 4000 km.They walked by the name of Allah for around 7 months in jungles and entered africa.

but they could hardly spend 2 days that police caught them as many were indians and karnal sab was a white man.

They put the jamath in jail.

Since karnal sab was a white man they requested him to leave africa and they will make arrangement for that..but karnal sab denied and he said that we want to meet our brothers here.

The jamath was brought to the main officer..he asked karnal sab to write the reason of coming to africa................

Then karnal sab took the letter and wrote six points of tabligh and said we have come to learn this.

The letter was scanned by the intelligence of south africa and they sent a report saying we did not understand anything.

But they said we understood that you are not political and we are sorry for putting u in jail.

The government of south africa gave a apologise letter to karnal sab and they also said that if u come next time to our country we will give u one year permission for our mistake.

In the mean time people came to know that jamath has come from india and it is in prison, people of africa were bringing meals to prison.
the meals were so much that they were distributed in prison and the meals brought by people were enough for all.
Meanwhile by the grace of allah many of the prisoners accepted islam by seeing the atmosphere in jail by preachings of the jamath.

He is still alive Alhamdulillah May Allah grant him good health and barakah in his life..amazing individual.! Ameen to all your du'as...................

His english speeches are available at

May Allah accept us all for Allah work.
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