Maulana Ilyas views on writing about Tabligh effort /use of lawful means for islamic propagation

In Mlfoozat Maulana Muhammad Ilyas 
 No (139)

One day someone how was in the field of writing and even editing and classification came to Sheikh Muhammad Ilyas “he was one of the close friends" however has nothing to do with Tabligh, because of lake of time

Sheikh Ilyas said: in the past, I did not like either to have people writing or reading a lot about the work (Tabligh) or even calling others for editing, 
but now I say: write about, you also write about it too much and take the opinion of that person and that person “some Olders in Tabligh” and inform them about my words.

They had been asked (Olders in Tabligh) and consulted in this. They said “our way is the best as we know, however Sheikh Ilyas said : “but we were unknown in community and it was so difficult to find someone to listen rather than understand what we were saying in that case it was a necessary to walk in people and generate a demand for the work and clarify our way in practice.
In that case if we explain Tablighy way in Da'wah by writing, people might misunderstand what we mean, People have different opinions and understandings. a person may do things flowing his practical understanding and if something wrong during performing, or if the end results were wrong, they said: we are missing the right way. That is why we truly didn’t like showing Tablighy Jama'at in writing .

But nowadays, Alhamdulellah through his Generosity and support conditions have changed, many of the jmaalt went out to parts of the country set our curriculum and our job in the country. on the other hand people are becoming eager to come to us, hence we can send groups to all places.
for all above, to stay on the same previous method (in our unknown condition) is not true.
 We should enhance and strengthen Ada'wah by writing also......end