Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui sb views on Tablighi Jamaat A Daee from India

Assalam O Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuhu,

Most of you must be knowing Famous Daee ilallah Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui Sb from India.

Who is doing great effort of Dawah among non Believers trying to save mankind from hell and to send everyone to paradise.

Below is part From his interview book page no 56

Q. What is the nature of your relationship with the known Tablighi movement?
As far as I think, our humble preaching activity which is running in the non-Muslims is an interpretation of the dreams of the elders of the Tabligh movement. To me, this is just an extension and continuation of the movement launched by the late Haz. Maulana Muhammad Ilyas. Never theless, the Tabligh centre has its own system which governs all of its activities. Unless our activities are recognized by the Markaz on the basis of its collective counseling, I think it more prudent to entice the people to work at one's own individual level. I'm perfectly sure that the voice aired and introduced by the Bangla Wali masjid of NizamuDin (that is, the Tabligh markaz) is meant only to introduce the religion of Islam to each and every man. I m sure the things, insha Allah, will so happen. This humble person, too, is a worker of the same Tabligh movement and what I am doing now has been granted to me as a blessing of my love and attachment with the Tabligh movement.

Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui (HA) Views on Dawah among Muslims
Once he was delivering a talk at Aligarh (India) at Masjid Rahmat Banoo Zakaria Market Medical Road Aligarh after Maghrib.
He concluded his bayan and dua also and Crowd was about to disperse.

There was no question answer Session Planned....but unexpectedly one Brother asked a question that.......

Q. You are telling to do the work among non believers and Tablighi Jamaat is doing among believers only. Which one is correct????????
After this first Maulana called the dispersing Mob vigrously. He called everybody to come and sit and listen and make their thoughts clarified..............

Then He asked a question ??????????????
What is necessary in the human Body

Eyes...........OR .......EAR

Head .........OR........Leg

Then he replied Both are necessary and complimentary. Every one has important Role to play .......

Then he explained at length that Both work are necessary and both are immensely important. After giving  Scholary talk on the issue......................
He told many Instances where he personally encountered ............that by birth muslims have left Islam and become NON BELIEVERS

Slowly and slowly they remained cut from Islam and no one reached to them and ultimately it happened.........................

He praised work of Tablighi Jamaat  in this regard. He already send the new commer to Islam in Tablighi Jamaat for strengthening faith and Amaal e Saliha.

May Alaah give Barkat in Life of all elders and Scholars who are working in different field of Islam.May Allah reward him best and give more and more Daee like him to Ummate Muslima.