Maulana Maudoodi article draw Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi and Manzur Numani attention to Tablighi Jamaat

Maulana Manzur Numani writes...........
(page no 6 BOOK Words and Reflection)

In 1358 A.H. when a great learned man, well versed with the needs of the times.

A man with great intellect and an author who himself met Maulana llyas (Rahrnattilluhi alaihi), saw the benefits of the work and wrote about it
in an article.
(This Scholar referred here was Maulana Maududi Founder of Jamaat e Islami who saw the Tablighi work from close and Wrote impressive article in Tarjumanil Qura in 1358 A.H.) 

As far as I can remember, more or less, it was for the first time, that through this article the importance of this work dawned on me.

After a few days, I intended to visit the Maulana with the idea to get a deeper insight and acquaintance of his striving and struggling for
tabligh by going to Delhi with my friends, Maulana Abul Hassan Nadwi and another companion Molvi Adbul Wahid Sahib RA.

It so happened that on reaching Delhi, a telegram came from home requesting for rny return, upon which I left my two companions and returned.

On this journey, my two friends had for the first time made a substantial acquaintance with the Maulana and went to Mewaat to experience the method, results and efforts of his tabligh work.

Maulana Abul Hassan Nadwi, by his special innate natural disposition. on the first meeting returned impressed with the Maulana and his work.

Through his letters, he also tried to impress me and draw my attention it