Maulana Umar Palanpuri R.A the golden voice of Dawah and Tabligh

Every now and then, Allah bless certain gems and jewels the world with their eminent presence. Maulana Umar Palanpuri was one of them.

Dua of His Mother
As a young man his mother would ask him to read to her. On one such occasion, overjoyed, she prayed, "May you see the day when you are speaking and thousands of people are listening, as opposed to now, when your mother is your sole listener." Tears welled in his eyes when Moulana (RA) narrated this incident. The mother's prayer, as the world witnessed, was answered to the letter.

The well-known ‘golden voice of da’wah work’, Moulana Muhammad Umâr Palanpuri (RA) passed away on Wednesday, 21 May 1997 at 1.30pm in Nizamuddin, Delhi. The previous day he had gone with other elders of the Markaz, for an Ijtima in Agra, a five-hour journey by car. He fell ill en-route and returned to Delhi where he was immediately admitted to hospital.He was discharged on Wednesday morning feeling much better. Later during the day he had a heart attack and passed away.

Moulana (RA) was orphaned at an early age and was left solely to the care of his pious mother. He showed signs of a brilliant mind front a young age. This prompted his uncle to help him pursue a secular education.

The Moulana’s mother however had other plans. She wanted her son to devote his energies to acquiring the knowledge of Dîn. That is what happened.

The Moulana (RA) studied at Darul Ulûm Deoband, from where he graduated with marks which impressed even his teachers.

For the purpose of tazkia [purification of the soul], he approached Shaikhul Hadîth Moulana Zakariyya Kandalvi (RA) who in time granted the Moulana khilafat.

He visited the UK several times. On each occasion he accompanied the late Amîr of the Tablighi Jamaat, Moulana Inamul Hasan (RA).

His last visit was in 1994 when he attended the international gathering in Dewsbury. On this visit he related the following story.

Moulana (RA) was sixty-five years old. He had memorized the Qur’ân during his old age - a remarkable achievement.

Hundreds of thousands of people have benefited immensely from his discourses and pious company. He was erudite and a devoted saint of Allâh, yet his humility cast a veil over his impressive ‘god-fearing’ qualities.

once a man came to his house and asked for maulana, his son said father is not present, then that man said, if ur father goes like this always in jamats, then how house will run. on that the boy said, " uncle our house doesnt run on maal (money), but it runs on amaal (deeds) " at that time the child age was around 8 yrs

" jaag na hai, jaag lay aasman kay talay, phir hamesha sona rahayga khaq kay talay "

" if you want to be awake, be awake below the sky, because afterwards we have to sleep daily below the soil "
May Allâh grant them Jannah and replace them with noble personalities. Amîn.

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