Outcome of Tablighi Jamaat/Result and Practical demonstration of of Jamaat ut Tabligh

The outcome of Tableegh

1.Anyone with a sound mind and fair thinking will accept that the work of Tableegh has been responsible, to a great extent, in the reformation that has taken place in the Muslim Ummah, all around the Muslim World in the last few decades. 

Faisal Award Winner the great scholar Abul Hasan Ali Nadvi says........
"This is a reality which can be stated without any ambiguity and exaggeration, that in the Islamic world of today the most powerfull, useful and all-encompassing effort, is the struggle of
the Tablighi Jamaat whose center is situated at the Tablighi Markaz Nizamuddin, Dehli (India)"

Abdullah Ibne Baaz the grand Mufti

of Saudi Arabia  

3.Speech dated 27/01/1407 A.H.
“You have to stop criticizing them, or do what they have done.”

Speech No. 325 dated 20/03/1406 A.H.

he learnt from trustworthy people who are impossible to lie, like the lecturers of Tawheed in the Islamic University (Al-Jami’a Al-Islamiya) and others, that the Tablighi group are patient in calling to Islam, being affectionate and steadfast.  Allah guided, thanks to them, many people who are astray. 

2.Tableegh Jama’at has played a big role in the establishment of madrasas in the last few years.

3.Similarly, it has influenced many Muslim men and women in adapting their attire and appearance in accordance to sunnah. (COUNTLESS DOCTORS ENGINEERS EVERYWHERE IN THE WORLD) 

4.It acts as a deterrent for the Muslim youth from going to cinemas, night clubs, discothèques, raves and all other places of sin. (COUNTLESS BENEFITED)

5. Cricket players like Sa’eed Anver and pop singers like Junaid Jamshed, who were drowned in sin, have now become the means for spreading Islam.

6.Tabligh Jama’at plays an important role in preaching Islam to those who have even forgotten the kalimah, like those staying in the Kazakhistan, , etc. and the descendants of Arabs staying in South America. Many non Muslims have also accepted Islam through this effort.

7. Removing Grave worship and Bidats on the graves of Aulia Allah.
It is a truth in india that where tabligh work is strong grave worship is weak.....................Where tabligh is weak Grave worship and bidats are more...............countless PLACES AND FAMILIES ARE EXAMPLE..............Including Blogger family that changed from doing bidats on Aulia Allah .......and so many others Alhamdulillah Allah saved................Countless example are like this.

I will end the discussion with the words of Abdullah Ibne Baaz R.A “You have to stop criticizing them, or do what they have done.”

May Allah help all muslims on deen.