Prophet sent 30 expedition in the path of Allah without fighting only for peaceful Dawah

Once Hadhrat Ji G )DC addressed a special gathering of the Ulema of the Bijnur district
as follows, "All the delegations and armies that were dispatched by Sayyiduna
Rasulullaah r to various areas and tribes were for the sake of Da'wah. According to one
narration, the total number of expeditions undertaken during the time of Sayyiduna
Rasulullaah r equals 23. According to another narration, 39 expeditions took place. Of
these, only nine took place for the purpose of fighting. The remaining were explicitly
for the purpose of Da'wah. Only in one expedition did Sayyiduna Rasulullaah r personally injure
a disbeliever."
Here we wish to show the thoroughness with which Hadhrat Ji had studied Seerah. Such
facts can only be known after an exhaustive study of the subject. {Biography of Hadhrat
Moulana Muhammad Yusuf Sahib – Amire Tabligh, pgs. 79, 80}