Arab Scholar Abu Bakar Al Jazaeri on six qualities of Tablighi Jamaat in book tabligh ka jaeza

Shaikh Abu Bakar Jabir Al Jazairi
 1.was Renowed Ustad at Masjid e Nabwi Madeena Munawwara,and Jamea Madeenah Munawwara , Abdullah ibne Baaz Rahimullah used to address him as Sheikh Abu Bakar. He was a vocal supporter of Tablighi jamaat after seeing work from close.
2. Has written a book in Arabic which has been translated in urdu Titled “Tablighi Jamaat ka Belag Jaeza” (“An Unbiased study of Tablighi Jamaat”.published by Al Markazul Arabi Lilkitab,U.A.E.)
This book has been translated in urdu but unfortunately not in english.
3. He has first described the Basis and methodology of the work of Tabligh and then discuss the doubts/allegations against it.

He has discussed almost every points/doubts that salafi brothers bring against Tabligh.

He extensively travelled outside the Arab World and in Africa and Europe got first hand information and finally wrote the book.
The shaikhs starts with these words
“Now a days talk about Tablighi Jamaat is very common and base on his knowledge and understanding anyone praises it or criticize it.
For this reason I am writing this book so I become free from my responsibility and clear my duty of informing the right things and afterall everything has to be presented to Allah”.
This book is available at following link

If someone claim that it is only book that has been written for clarification of doubts around tablighi Jamaat in whole history his claim may be right. Only other book is from Zakaria Rahmatullah Alaihi in urdu but the issues discussed in it are very old.
As tabligh has a written policy of not indulging in argument and counter argument so there is no question of any book from Tablighi Jamaat officially. 
Some brothers has written as their personal capacity but it is not complete book and are scattered articles on certain issues and not in book form.
Shaikh Abu Bakar Al Jazaeri detailing six qualities of Tabligh
For Downloading whole book on views of Shaikh and other Arab Scholars on Tablighi Jamaat click the link