Benefiting from reading book or Speech of Scholar,Intention of Speaker and Listener has a decisive impact on the benefit and understanding

WHEN PEOPLE LISTEN to religious speeches, every
listener usually has anyone of the following three intentions: 

First, the listener listens with the intention
to increase his stock of knowledge; in this case Allah makes the
speaker speak various worth-remembering words, 

Secondly, the listener can listen to the speaker with the intention 
to absorb his words and their underlying meanings and to become the flag-bearer of the teachings  and to become a caller ; in this case Allah, with His all power, gives the listener His divine help and he starts practising according to his intention, but on condition that he renders the due of listening,- and this had always been the intention of the sah'iiba UZWLAHV A·NHllM.

Thirdly,he listens with the intention to criticise; 
in this case he finds various avenues in the speech
where he can raise objection, no matter how learned and
deeply-rooted in knowledge the speaker is, and even if the
speaker is speaking on the authority Of AllaI, and is His

Another Intention is of Speaker/Writer of Book

There is another intention having equal impact, which is of
the speaker himself. More than the effect of the words of the
speaker is the effect of what he carries in his innermost: if he
speaks with the intention to impress his listeners with his
knowledge of religious and social writings and high-sounding
words, listeners start rating him a scholar;

 if the speaker wants to show that he has a gift of tongues and carries a heavy stock of poetic verses and proverbial sentences, listeners give deep throated roars in admiration; 

if the speaker shows that he is a big tongue-twister and brings his talents of vocal-gymnastic into play, the listeners readily pick him on their shoulders and
praise him to the skies by the deafening noise of clapping;

 if the eye of the speaker's self is on the pockets or on the means and the worldly powers ·of his listeners, the listeners take him to be a professional fund-raiser and beggar with his tongue hanging
out; and if the speaker, very unfortunately, finds his own
highness taking the cover of Allah's Highness, then he is a
wayward in both this life and the next. The correction. of
intention is, therefore, the first and foremost requirement.

 The reading should, rather/be with the intention to increase one's
spiritual relation with Allah and the Prophet  If the readers do so; they'll get divine rewards in cash, Insha-Alliih.