Sixteen point to remember in Khuruj Fi Sabilillah dos and don'ts Do during going in the path of Allah Tablighi Jamaat Departing Advice Rawangi ki baat Adab etiquetes

16 things to remember in Khuruj Fi Sabilillah
(In the Path of Allah to learn and Practice deen and Caring for Fellow brothers)

4 things ( works ) to do much
1- Dawah (inviting people towads Allah)
2- Ta'lim o Taallum (To seek Ilm /knowledge,learn oneself and to teach  fellow brothers what have already learnt)
3- Ibadat reciting Quran, regularly offering all Prayer with Takbeer e oola, sunnah and nawaafil 
4- Khidmat (Service to others,Elderly in Jamaat,Cleaning of mosque,Wuzu place,Toilets,Preparing food for Jamaat)

4 things to invest less time (Not more than Required)
1- eating
2- sleeping
3- Other necessary activities
4- Necessary talking

4 things should not do
1.- Questioning of our needs to others than Allah
(eg. Asking lunch dinner Dawat/Food/Any service from local Brothers.)
2- ISHRAF: shouldnt even question in our heart( e.g In heart thinking that someone should invite jamaat for food/local fruits should bring for Jamaat)
3- israaf(spending overly)
4- shouldnt take others things without asking

4 things as pre-requisite:- 
1- Following the amir
2- staying in masjid most of time(Without Dawah work /assignment no need to go outside mosque)
3- Safeguarding our eyes

4- Tahajjuth Salath special consistency needed.

(May Allah give taufeeq for investing Jaan and Maal in the Path of Allah)