Tawheed al-Uluhiyyah,Tawheed ar-Rububiyyah Tawhid-ul-Asma' wal-Sifat and Jammat ut-Tabligh allegation of Aqeedah neglect on Tablighi jamaat

Some group have an accusation that tablighi jamaat  does not clearly tells separately about

Tawhid Ar-Rububiyyah, 

Tawhid Al-Uluhiyyah and

awheed Asma o Sifat .

It is true that they do not use these term of Rububiyyah,Al-Uluhiyyah and Asma o Sifat and this classification in their talk.

but Tablighi Jamaat tells Tauheed in most emphatic term that includes all three types and everything about tauheed. 

They always talk referring about

the power of Allah and

that only Allah has to be prayed and worshiped,
He is unique in his quality.

He is seeing everything.He is free from any help.

All are his creation No one is like him.
Help and benefit only Allah can give.

So they donot use the term but they mention everything about it.
Fazilatus Sheikh Yusuf Malahi the Salafi Scholar in his book while replying to doubts of Salafis has also clarified this.....

(Another point is although their is no dispute over these terms and terms are correct and Rububiah Ululiah and Asma sifat  are accepted term among all scholars. But...........
This division of Tawheed into three is not from  
The Messenger of Allah صلى الله عليه وسلم  or from Sahba or first few generation of Muslim.. ...........Some Scholars has divided into two some as Three

These teminologies are from scholars for understanding purpose.
So saying that if someone is not using these term that means his tauheed is weak is not CORRECT and acceptable.

Sahabas Imaan was most strong and they didnot used these three types.)

However in Tabligh there are People of different

ranging from Mufti and Alim scholars like Mufti Mahmoodul Hasan and Maulana Yusuf kandhalvi but also simple people who even learn Attahiyat and four Surah and start from Tajweed and kalima or may be learning reading Quran.

So depending on this their level of knowledge scholary talk and  refrence to quranic ayats and ahadith will certainly differ.

And this is normal in sahaba also some were very big Alim like Hazrat Abukar,Umar,Ali ,abdullah ibne massod,abdullah ibne abbas and others RAZIALLAH ANHUMA AJMAEEN  but

MOST OTHER sahaba were ordinary muslim not Master of knowledge.

Terminologies role is there but the faith and Emaan should be strong and correct that is foremost.

More to emphasise that we see in India and pakistan that where tableegh work is strong grave worship is weak.

Where Tabligh work is weak Grave worship and bidats are strong. I have seen it not only in cities but even among families and friends families.
This gives live and practical example that tablighi Jamaat is for tauheed correct Aqeeda and Strong Emaan.  
All are requested to co operate.We should be kind for our muslim fellows.(Allah knows the best).