Muslims who criticise/condemn/alleged Tablighi Jamaat,groups of two type of Brother

So those who are telling these criticism May be of two categories of Brothers.
1.Not knowing at all the work of Tabligh.
They have not seen the work from close/has not gone in the path of Allah with Tabligh.

And their criticism is based on 
1.There understanding from distance or seeing some individual wrong of a particular person in his locality who has done something wrong.

2.Reading/listening some books who give one sided picture with some criticism and baseless allegations.
They give mild to Hard Advice/criticise/raise doubts.

These are people with correct intention and heart
they have right to get their confusion clarified about the blessed work of tabligh.

1.The Best way for them to go in the path of Allah,Insha Allah they will understand and get their confusion clarified.

2.If still after going in Jammat they could not understand fully and still confused they are not responsible for their Judgement of Error and Allah will Pardon them.(Insha Allah) 

3.But if they are criticising without going in the path of Allah they are not doing justice,they should be fearful from Allah as Allah will certinly ask from them. 
May Allah Pardon them and give them chance to see from close.

2. The second Group is there who criticise because of Group Mentality.

Simply making an allegation for the mere benefit of this world,may be for their group and Maslak Promotion/Position/Name and Fame. 
For them a request
Just go there and confirm the things before posting/making Video talks/book/forum writing.

YouTube/Face book/ Internet is obviously free but Allah will not let you free 
certainly will ask about your false allagations and action specially who are spreading it.In the eyes of Allah all are his slaves even those who are considered as scholars and sheikhs. They should also be careful.
As a muslim, it is obligatory to confirm the things before believing and more importantly spreading it to others. There are clear and emphatic Quranic Ayats and Sahih Ahadith in this regard.

ALLAH pak says in surah ASRA

And do not follow a thing about which you have no knowledge. Surely, the ear, the eye and the heart - each one of them shall be interrogated about. [17:36]

Very clear Hadith is there in Saheeh Muslim

The prohibition of speaking about everything that one hears.Matan of Hadeeth starts with


(Translation ) “The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: ‘It is sufficient lying for a man to speak of everything that he hears.’”

(As translated in Riyazussaliheen translation)

May Allah save all muslims for spreading any wrong information,and save from demand of the Akhrat.