Zikr of Allah an important Sunnah quran command and a tool for Remembrance of Allah all the time.Teen Tasbeehat and Masnoon Dua Importance

Remembrance of Allah
Aim of zikr is to be remindful for Allah always. (Harwaqt Allah ka Dhyan Rahe,Gaphlat door ho)

Elders suggest that zikr should have three things.

1.Recitation of Holy Quran Daily.
2.Sunnah Dua of each time, (Masnun Dua of Eating,sleeping,toilet ,mosque,morning evening etc.)

there is no particular  order as some people say these days that first we should read istegfar then durood then third kalima by giving some reasons, maybe their ulema have said so

what most elders suggest (It is suggestion only and not an Obligation, One can do other Dhikr also) 
1. third kalima(subhanallahi,alhamdulillahi.....
2. darood Shareef
3. istegfar, all for atleast 100 times


1. while doing zikr we should know the original meaning and understand the meaning of word in arabic(like subhanallah)
2. we should bring in our heart the meaning of arabic kalima and know the power behind that kalima (like allahuakbar), we should know how much great is Allah and what all Allah can do, and we should have importance of this quality of Allah in our heart while saying allahuakbar
similarly all the three tasbihs

- though we can do zikr without wazu, its good to do wazu and the best time for zikr is before ishrak in morning and after asar in evening.

- and when in the Path of Allah in khuruj fi sabilillah in jamath its better to complete our zikr before fajar namaz and complete bayan after asar before 20 minutes to magrib and do zikr, if not after isha according to time