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as salamualaikum,my question is regarding tablighi jamaat,our husbands go on 3 days and 40 days kurooj mashaallah and we support them in this but why is it that they are not permitted to contact family while on jamaat ?second is it wajib or even mustahabb for a women to leave heer children with others and go on jamaat with her husband
u will be answering a big group of women may allah reward u
In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.
As-salāmu ‘alaykum wa-rahmatullāhi wa-barakātuh.
1.      According to Shariah, it is the right of the husband to be in contact with his family wherever he goes. In fact, at times it may be compulsory for him to be in touch with his family members.

When a person is in Jamāt, he needs to be fully concentrated to achieve the desired results of being in Jamāt. Any unnecessary distraction will defeat the purpose. It is therefore recommended that he does not unnecessarily get in touch with family members while inJamāt. It is not an injunction of Shariah prohibiting him from communicating with his family members while in Jamāt.

If there is a need to communicate with family members while in Jamāt, he has the Sharīright to do so. 

2.      Alhamdulillah, the Tabligh effort has been proven to be beneficial in conscientisingpeople about their religious duties and reforming the lives of many people.

A Woman’s primary responsibility is to look after her children. It is improper to leave her minor children in the care of others to go out in Jamāt.

If the children are old enough and are able to take care of themselves then she may go out in Jamāt.   

And Allah Ta’āla Knows Best
Mufti Zaid M Shelia,
Student Darul Iftaa
Chicago, Illinois (USA)

Checked and Approved by,
Mufti Ebrahim Desai.
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 1.My own case I used to call from Jamaat and talk with wife/mother/daughter/father any  other necessity even concerned with department and Job
No one Prohibited and have not heared any direction in this regard.

2. I have been in Jamaat along with those who are at the for front of the work I saw them also talking home with wife/others.

3.However with students I have seen tha Ameer Sb taking mobile from them.And he used to give in controlled way(In students/young hand chances of misuse are more.When I used to go in jamaat in student life Mobile was not common at all so their was no question at that time.)
There are certain rules concerning child care.
1.During pregnency in first and last trimester it is not permitted at all. 

2. During Breast feeding period it is not permitted.

3. After breastfeeding period even after 3-4 yr it depends on situation. 
One example: My daughter is of 4 yr old but because of this reason we have not gone in Masturat Jamaat for last 4 years...........Although we went for Haj leaving my daughter with her grandmother, As Haj was Farz/Obligatory.....

Second Example Sometimes Children do not feel any difficulty staying with Grandmothers/ Khala/ Chachi.........One of my friend has gone in this situation when his son was 3 years. But his son is more attached with Grandfather and Grandmother.

4. Ladies Jamaat routine is simpler than male in all  and with respect Duration..... Most of the Masturat Jamaat go only for 3 days ........Very  tough criteria is for going for more 3 days like 10 or more days........Very few ladies fulfill that criteria.

These families who fulfill these criteria 
are those whose whole family is dedicated to work......One of my neighbour alongwith his wife has gone in Jamaat for 2 month .............................
but if you will see their condition will feel that whole family is fully dedicated for the work of Islam and Dawah  .........

Although financially he is very sound but all of his 3 daughters and one son are becoming Hafiz and Alim .Two completed and two undergoing.........

Ladies in his family encourage their male to go in the path of Allah. 

Whole family daily awake in Tahajjud.......

He did his daughter marriage in mosque  without giving any dowry/Gold although no financial problem......

What gold her husband gave as custom she sold it and gave in charity for a noble cause........................

So in these families whole situation is different and all are happy sacrificing for the sake of Allah their ladies follow example of Hazrat Asma Raziallahu Anhu action and statement at the time of Hijrah of Rasulullah S.A.W. 

BUT THOSE WORKER and his FAMILY MEMBERS Who cannot do that much ..........

Elders has a way out for people of all capabilities.

1. They should establish daily Taleem in house regularly with Quran learning and Muzakra of Qualities.

2. If Masturat jamaat comes in their Halqa they can participate for whole day with wife in Nusrat Jamaat whole day and may return in evening.In this case they can take their small kids along with them.

As far as effectiveness of Masturat Jamaat  is concerned ...........I have a real example......

One of my Doctor friend who was a very religious person.....By By Allah will got married with a engineer girl working in MNCs with no purdah etc.......Even after marriage she worked but Husband was not happy .......Someone adviced him to take in Masturat Jamaat ...........JUST 3 DAYS Allah Changed her life............Now she is in full Hijab even covering face and while going out wearing Gloves........MY FRIEND STATEMENT ..........THE THREE DAY BROUGHT MORE CHANGES THAN EXPECTED........JOKINGLY HE SAID MORE THAN HE...........
NOW THEY ARE HAPPILY LIVING ..........Preparing for Akhirah........May Allah accept us all.