A warning to Muslim and internet,facebook,you tube debators/Scholars :Issue of Weak Ahadith is Broader and dont play it in light manner as Mukireen e Hadith are already active

Discussion on weak Ahadith .

A WARNING for All Muslim................

It is a broad topic and not only related to Fazail e Amall/Tablighi Jamaat.....................

Those for the sake of condemning Tablighi Jamaat/Fazail e Amaal are raising the issue of weak Ahadith..............
 in a very light manner are actually playing with fire.................

[This issue of weak Ahadith is not only related with Fazail E Amaal. Rather all Hadith book Tirmidhi,Nasai,Ibne Maja Abu Daood etc......except Bukhari and Muslim has week Ahadith. The Muhaddithin were knowing but still they included weak Ahadith in it because in Virtue of Amaal it is permitted.

Even Imam Bukhari R.A. has decided that in Sahih Bukhari he will not write any Dhaeef Hadith so didnot included, Otherwise in his other Hadith book like AL ADABUL MUFRAD he has used weak Ahadith. IMAM Ibne Taimmiya Book Al- Kalimut Tayyib has also many weak Ahadith and it is according to accepted rule of SALFUSSALEHIN............}

On internet There are  so called Scholars and websites spitting so much venom against weak Ahadith that general muslim may become doubtful from all the Ahadith collections like Tirmidhi,Abu Dawood and other Shah Sittah.
This will be a major loss of ummat e Muslimah.

Al-Nawawi said about Bukhari "The totality of its hadiths are 7,275 with the repetitions and about 4,000 without." So if other Hadith books become doubtful all the Islamic rulings will be doubtful and anybody will change according to his wishes.

As already there are so called scholar who raise doubt over entire Hadith collection because it was compiled after prophet Muhammad S.A.W..........Mukireen e Hadith are already active.

There is a group known as Ahle Quran that say only Quran is sufficient and all hadith are doubtful and not to be used.
In this era of internet where general public is involved with such issues ,may lead to catastrophe. 

People has started issue of weak Ahadith even in Bukhari shareef 

and in with internet it is not dificult to spread it. If you are not aware Just type key word "weak Ahadith in Bukhari" in google search you will find 85000 results.Situation is very critical.


So the view of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat is very clear that Hadith Collection and Authentication process was very scientific and Rational and any attempt to raise any doubt over entire Hadith collections is a Fitnah and all muslim should Quell this Fitnah.

So those who are raising the Issue of weak Ahadith should be fact based and according to the set Principles of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat Scholars/Imams and Muhaddethin. 

(This was Blogger concern seeing Present Internet Scenario. Islamic Scholars View on weak Ahadith are below.)

What Islamic Scholars/Imam Muhaddithin says


(First Case):
Usage of Weak Hadeeth in Injunctions when nothing Authentic is found 
(Second Case):

Usage of Weak Hadeeth in Injunctions with caution 

(Third Case):
Usage of Weak Hadeeth clarifying ambiguous text 

(Fourth Case):
Usage of Weak Hadeeth in Encouragement towards Good and Discouragement from Evil (Al-Targheeb Wa Al-Tarheeb)...............................Contd..

For Scholary discussion and Imam Bukhar view and other Imam view on weak Ahadith click here