Dawah stages Manhaj Qualities Tablighi Jamaat Work Maulana Yusuf Advice in letter

Maulana Yusuf said Proper work yet to Start
We do not know the proper way for dawaah; the fact is that the proper work of dawaah has not yet begun.

The proper work of dawaah will being when people will go out, with Imaan and yaqeen (faith & conviction), with Allah’s love and concentration, with Allah’s fear, worries for the next life, with struggle and piety and filled with the excellent Character of the prophet S.A.W.

And with the sole intention to seek the pleasure of Allah; when people will go out in the path of Allah with all these, only then the real work of dawaah will begin.

Hadhrat Umar RA Used to say
"May Allah shower mercy upon Khalid bin walid RA. His heart's desire was only one, that the truth and the people of truth should prosper, and falsehood and the people of
falsehood should perish, he had no other desire.

All the blessings of this work that we are seeing today are blessings before the start of this effort. Just as blessings were seen at the time of birth of the prophet S.A.W. But real blessings were seen forty years later when he became the became the prophet.

At present we are working to prepare those who are ready to do this work. Allah will accept those people for the work of dawaah and make them the means to spread hidayath whose lives have change according to dawaah.

Those whose life is not changed, Allah will not take the work of his religion from them. This is the work of prophets.

Necessity to follow etiquettes in this work
Keeping within the real, original way of this work

If we do not consider ourselves in need of learning the etiquettes of this work and if the work of dawaah is not done according to its etiquettes, then there is great danger
of corruption. When the prophet S.A.W. Intended to do work in foreign countries, he first of all gave encouragement to all companions for over three days, saying that the way this work is done here, it must be done at exactly the same level in outside areas as well. This is the feature of this work.

Etiquettes of this work cannot change with the change in location, language, atmosphere, weather, etc.

It is also necessary to meet and mix with those people who spent time with hadhrat ji and since that time they have been still busy in this work and in this atmosphere continuously. Without this it is apparently impossible
to maintain the level and etiquettes of this work. That is why our workers kept sending brothers constantly to this atmosphere.
All prophets came in their own times in opposition to different schemes, and they said that this scheme has no relation with success or failure. Only Allah has direct
influence on success or failure. If actions are good, Allah will give success in the smallest of means. If actions are bad, Allah will bring failure by destroying the biggest
of means. To be successful, improve your actions in your given means. Every prophet worked against the schemes and means that existed in their times. And the prophet
Muhammad S.A.W. Arrived and made effort against all schemes of his time such as majdom, wealth, agriculture and manufacturing industry, his effort was not maintained
by these schemes. His effort progressed with striving and sacrifices.

Falsehood progresses With the means of luxuries but the truth progresses through struggles and difficulties. Falsehood sparkles with kingdom and wealth but truth sparkles with suffering from poverty.

All those corruptions which are created by kingdom and wealth will only be corrected by bringing truth through suffering and tolerance of poverty. We have to create the
capacity for sacrifices and striving through this work. The biggest danger facing this work is that it becomes associated with material possessions. This will take out the soul of this work. This work will be saved only when workers continue to maintain the means for striving and sacrifice and do not tried to eradicate the means of sufferings even if the means for luxuries are available. Increase our effort among poor people; increase the number of walking jamaat. People will come saying here use our money
for this work of deed" then you will have to sacrifice this means. So say that in this work we teach the clean and correct way and the zeal of spending your wealth. So you
can spend it yourself later when you find a suitable occasion. First learn here the way of spending.