Every Sunnah is Important and Significance,None insignificance

Every Sunnah is Important and Significance

Hadhrat Maulana Justice Muhammad Taqi Usmani دامت برکاتہم once said in a Gathering.
“The Noble Companions (Sahaba Karam Raziallahu Anhu) did not believe that there were insignificant and significant types of the Sunnah.
Every Sunnah was significant and sublime in their eyes. They, therefore, took care to act upon each and every Sunnah.
In fact a little care exercised in religious matters makes a great addition to the stock of good deeds at the credit of a man.
 It is therefore, the bounden duty of every Muslim to act upon the Sunnah without differentiating between significant and insignificant Sunnah.”
Islahi Khutbaat: Discourses on Islamic Way of Life, Vol: VII, pg. 180]