Prophet Noah Story in Quran Surah Hood chapter 11 verse 43 45 46 47

Love and Enmity for the Sake of Allah Only

The most vivid example of this is that of the Prophet Nooh (A.S.) and his son. 

Allah tells us: “And Nooh called upon his Lord, and said: "O my Lord! surely my son is of my family! and Your promise is true, and You are the most just of Judges!" 

Allah said: “O Nooh! Lo! he is not of your household; lo! he is of evil conduct, so ask not of Me that whereof you have no knowledge. I admonish you lest you be among the ignorant.” (11:45-46)

Here was the Prophet‟s own son, and Allah was telling him that the son's disobedience had effectively removed him from the family unit and from Allah's protection. How did Nooh (A.S) react to this? Prophet Nooh (A.S.) said: "O my Lord! I do seek refuge with You, lest I ask You for that of which I have no knowledge. And unless You forgive me and have Mercy on me, I should indeed be lost!" (11:47)
"This day nothing can save, from the command of Allah, any but those on whom He have mercy!” 11:43

The Prophet was true to his character, recognising the wisdom of Allah over his own judgement, and he sought forgiveness for his assumption.