What books Volumes Fazail e Amaal who writer Hadith scholary work

Assalam o Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuhu,

There are certain .................websites/groups who are spitting venom day and night against Fazail e Amaal but they have not seen/not read it.Their talk indicates that they even donot know what are the books in it as they will take names as different books Fazail e Namaz,Fazail e Quran. 

They only know and Propagate a rumour that it is book of Stories, that they derive wrong meaning and interpretation with their malintention and hidden agenda of Causing damage to the work of Dawah and Tabligh or presenting Hanafi Ulemas/Sufism/Tasawwuf in bad light.

WHAT IS TRUTH?????????????????

1. The Aulia Allah Stories that is Projected as main content of Fazail e Amaal is actually................ not even..............2 % of total content of Fazail e Amaal. 

2.The writer has started chapters with Quranic Ayats and Ahadith............and in books of Haj/Vitues of Charity/Book of Darood Sharif he has mentioned some stories of well established Aulia Allah not from his memory but giving Reference of the books of Great scholars. 

3. He has clarified that stories are of Historical Importance only and for encouragement .
4. Any story/Dream is not for deriving any rule of Shariah or Aqeedah.

STILL ..................People with Group Mentality are blowing and misprojecting it despite all clarifications .............

is a collection of 8 books and It is in two volumes. 
Fadhail e Amaal book is a vast treasure of basic and fundamental Islamic teachings put together with great efforts by Maulavi Muhammad Zakariyya (Rah), one of the most distinguished scholar of Indian Subcontinent of Last century.

Maulana zakaria the writer has distinguish honour of teaching Bukhari Shareef for nearly 20 years. 
He is among those distinguished scholars who taught Hadith in Madeena Munawara for years.
Volume1 comprise of Six books 

1.Stories of Sahaba (Hav 11 chaptors on sahabas quality of sacrifice of deen,love for Rasulullah,The Islamic qualities of women and children of that age etc.)
2. Virtues of Namaz (The Rewards Of Salaat, Warning And Reproach On Discard Of Salaat,  The Reward Of Jamaat , Warning And Reproach On Discarding Of Jamaat Importance Of Sincerity And Devotion In Salaat )

3. Virtues of Rememberance of Allah (Qur'anic Verses relating to Zikr, Section 2 Ahaadith on Zikr , VIRTUES OF KALIMAH TAYYABAH etc.)

4.Virtues of Quran E pak (Ahadith explaining the Importance of Quran E Pak and Reminder to muslim to inculcate and encourage its reading and teaching in personal and collective life)

5. Virtues of Tabligh (Calling towards Allah) (Quranic Ayats and Ahadith stressing the duty of muslims of Dawat and Tabligh and  Rectification on ummate muhammadia, Ahadith explaining the consequences of not doing the work of Dawat etc.)

6.Virtues of Ramzan (Having chaptors on importance and purpose of Ramzan and special topic about Lailatul Qadr)

7.The sixth book of Fazaile Amaal has been written by Maulana Ehtashamul Hasan and its title is “Muslim Degeneration And Its Only Remedy”

in which in very scholary manner he has discuused the present day downfall of muslims all over the world, has went into deep to search the causes in the light of Quran and Ahadith and accordingly has suggedted ways to rectify mistakes and way forward. From start to end it is based on Quranic ayats and Ahadith and it is an important book for all muslims irrespective of any Jammat and organization.

The Second Volume of Fazaile Amaal comprise of two large books
  1. Virtues of Charity (Having units on Spending in the path of Allah, Huquuqul Ibad with special refrence to parents,relatives and neighbours,and stories of pious persons like Malik bin Deenar (R.A) and Son of Harun Rasheed and others in this connection )
  2. Virtues of Hajj ( Having Units on virtues and warning of not doing it despite having resources, and stories of pious persons from past about doing Hajj. 

  3. Writer of Fazail e Amal

    Fazail e Amal was compiled by ShaikhulHadith Hazrath Muhammad Zakariya (Rahimahullah).He was a very high ranking Aalim and Muhaddith (Scholar of Hdith) and Musleh,  who has written……..books including one of the most markable commentary of Mauta Imam Malik with title of Ojazul Masalik which is Alhamdulillah in six volume,and has taught Bukhari Shareef for nearly 25 years in India and in Madeena Munawwara and commonly referred as Shaikhul Hadith. Some of his Hadith works include.
  4. Awjaz al-Masalik ila Muwatta’ Imam Malik: One of the most comprehensive commentaries on the Muwatta of Imam Malik in terms of the science of hadith, jurisprudence, and hadith explication.
  5. Al-Abwab wa ‘l-Tarajim li ‘l-Bukhari: An explanation of the chapter headings of Imam Bukhari’s Sahih al-Bukhari. Assigning chapter headings in a hadith collection is a science in itself, known among the scholars as al-abwab wa ‘l-tarajim [chapters and explanations].
  6. Juz’ Hajjat al-Wida’ wa ‘Umrat al-Nabi : A comprehensive Arabic commentary on the detailed accounts of the pilgrimage      [hajj] of Allah’s Messenger.
  7. Khasa’il Nabawi Sharh Shama’il al-Tirmidhi: Composed in urdu, a commentary on Imam Tirmidhi’s renowned work al-Shama’il al-Muhammadiyya, a collection of hadiths detailing the characteristics of the Messenger. This commentary explains the various aspects related to the different characteristics and practices of Allah’s Messenger. It has been      translated into English and is widely available.
He was a prominent figure of scholary and spiritual personality of last century. He died in Madeena Munawwara on Monday Sha’ban 1, 1402 AH (May 24, 1982 CE) his prayer was held in Masjid e Nabwi and was buried in Jannat al-Baqi/Baqi e Garqad.