Fiqhi Maslak Juresprudence May be Preferred but not for Dawah/ Propagation

Islamic Fiqh Academy (India) 21 st International Seminar was held in Indore in 3-5 March 2012. 

Nearly 300 Ulema e Karam from all over the world discussed many contemprory issues of Islamic Jurisprudence 
like alternative to Insurance, 
Drug addiction and its new implication and 
Islamic laws of Family Relation 
were discussed in the light of Quran and Hadith. May Allah Preserve Fuqha and Ulmae Ummat and accept their effort. (Ameen).

A very Important Note and message given from Seminar  Inaugural Session Presidential Address was.................

Fiqhi Masalik Qabil e Tarjeeh ho sakte hain Qabil e Tableegh Nahin

Fiqhi Maslak Juresprudence May be Preferred but it is not for Propagation/Dawh/Tabligh.

1. These Maslak (Like Hanafi Shafai Maliki Hanbali etc.) may be chosen but these are not worthy enough to do Tabligh of these Masalik /Mazhab issue.
e.g One may prefer to place hand inprayer Above the navel below the navel or on the chest...........All position have base in Hadith ..........But it is not correct to infuse blood the propagation that Hand should be put below navel/on the chest as the case may be.......We should understand Islamic jurisprudence in correct perspective...

2. Tabligh/ propagation and dawat should be of deen and Shariat. Dawat should be of Islamic base and not of any Hanafi shafaee Salafi Ahle Hadith Masalik/ Mazahib. 
Full report of 21 st Seminar  is available on this link .Report of Fiqh Seminar in Urdu

3. MAY ALLAH GIVE US TAUFEEQ TO FOLLOW THE ADVICE OF ULEMA E KARAM and Scholars  AND WELL WISHER OF UMMAT, and Save us from Fitnah of Groupism and Secterian Ideology.

Full report of 21 st Seminar  is available on this link .Report of Fiqh Seminar in Urdu

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