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 Assalam O Alaikum
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Hayatus Sahabah (English: Lives of the Sahabah) is a known collection (2000+ pages) about the companions of the prophet Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam, 
written by a famous Islamic scholar, and Daee e Kabeer Muhammad Yusuf Khandlawi the illustrous son of Shaikh Maulana Muhammad Ilyas the revivalist of dawah and tabligh all over the world in this age.

This ‘Hayatus Sahabah‘ originally compiled in Arabic by Maulana Muhammad Yusuf Kandhelwi (rahimahullah) ,  is the book of this modern time on Da’wah Manhaj and methodology. It has been translated in many languagges including urdu,english,malyalam,Bangla, French etc.

It has all the details about the activities of Prophet Muhammmad (s) and his companions.

Each of the 19 chapters is compiled with references of Qur’an and Hadith on every detail of their activities, analysis of situations, revelations, and decisions. 
Throughout the book detailed references are listed to show all sources. Each story or event carries a lesson for the Ummah as a guiding tool for Da’wah activities.

The present worldwide condition is fully ripe for Da’wah. People around the world want to know the true message of Islam. 

As Muslims and followers of Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam), it is more important than ever to understand the responsibility and convey the Message of Islam with wisdom. 

We need to sort out the process to convey the message in every situation in a smart way to most benefit those who are eagerly seeking the truth. 
This book has all the guidelines and practical steps taken by Prophet Muhammad (s) and his companions. These serve as living examples in front of us as the best of benefit.

Da’wah and Tabligh activities are a global effort. As time progresses more and more interface with various communities around the world are being developed in terms of language, culture, situations, backgrounds, etc which require us to find and apply the best possible approach. 

Efforts are in progress constantly to find and apply the most effective way to convey the message. 

Such processes are constantly being updated and applied to meet the needs of their time.

 For this reason, it is more important not only to do the effort of Da’wah, but also to update and apply the most effective process. 

On the other hand, if we thoroughly evaluate the process and meet the condition / challenge of the time, our efforts will provide positive results. 

 For this reason, this book is a very effective tool to see how Prophet Muhammad (s) and his companions constantly consulted, planned, re-planned, organized, distributed, budgeted, communicated, strategized, etc to get best out of their situations. They did not leave anything possible unattended, but did everything possible on their part though they faced all kinds of difficulties and suffering. At the same time they heavily relied on the help of Allah. Allah made them victorious, successful in both worlds.

The examples of Prophet Muhammad (s) and his companions are in front of us as compiled in this book.

Let us use this as much as possible as a guiding tool in the efforts of Da’wah and Tabligh to maximize the benefit of our efforts. Amin.