Piece of Mind is not in luxory Money it is in Deen only

Hazrat Maulana Ilyas said:
"This is a principle that man finds satisfaction in gaining
what he likes and wishes for. For instance, a person who loves
luxurious living, eats costly food and wears expensive clothes,
will not find comfort and ease without these luxuries; whereas
the person who loves sitting on a mat, sleeping on the ground.
wearing simple clothes and eating simple food, will obviously
feel delight in these things. Blessed are they who love simple
living in following the Holy Prophet's (SALLALLAHU ALAlHE WASALLAM)
example, because their peace of mind is in the inexpensive
Iiving- the means that are within the reach of both rich and

[This is indeed a big gift and great favour of Allah that
one finds comfort and ease in simple and inexpensive rneans.]
If our desires were bound with the things that only the rich can
afford, we might have remained uneasy throughoutour lives."

word and reflection page NO 37