Tablighi jamaat family women care mistakes wrong error fault public understanding

Misunderstanding 2. Tabligh is encouraging to leave the world Affiars/to not attend Family Care.Let it be clarified. 
Tabligh elders always stress on good completion of worldly responsibility.
I remember student life at Aligarh Muslim University Aligarh,our elders always used to stress on Studies,and doing it well.  Similarly they never allow to leave the job and to go in Jamaat.
And the results also proves........
In the work of Tabligh thousand of DOCTORS ,ENGINEERS, Beurocrats, Sportsman and Big Businessman are active worker and also fulfilling their engagements.
I will not reveal the name but the many Shura Member of my district and State are very big Businessman.
At the same time their are exceptions and some workers violate it and do not obey the elders advice. But they are very less in number not even 1-2 % of total workers and our elders donot endorse them as right and their is mechanism to advice counsel these people but obviously no one can force anyone. 

Pages from book of  Maulana Saeed Ahmad Khan Makki Rahimullah clarifying same thing