Tablighi Jamaat Misconceptions Is it a Sect Group public worker

1. Misunderstanding 

Tablighi Jamaat is a Group or exclusive work for certain people.

Tablighi jamaat is not a sect or group rather The work of Dawah and Tabligh is the work of whole Muslim Ummah.Quran says to help each other on the matter of   Neki and Taqwa. 
All Muslims who are coming mosque for Salat,Having concern about deen has a responsibility for other brothers. This is the concept of Masjidwar Jamaat. 
it is not a group or sect.Wikipedia rightly say that Maulana Ilyas has not put any name.He said if he would have put it would be Tehreek e Imaan/Emaan Movement.People of South Asia started calling it as Tablighi Jamaat  It is a movement of Ummah to strenthen Emaan and Amaal e Salihe to start from oneself to family to town country and the whole World.Although. Although in Ummah people of different capabilities are there so they may not understand this completely. 
May Allah give us taufeeq to understand the work of Dawah and May Allah give us the neede quality for it.
Below is the incidence of Maulana Saad Sb of Hazrat Nizamuddin Delhi,to clarify the issue Further. (Taken from Maulana Saad book Priceless Advice,a very good book for all Daee)