The expedition of Tabook Sahaba Sacrifices Lesson for Muslim

..........................The expedition of Tabook - in which every Muslim in Madina was requested to contribute for the pleasure of Allah.
1. Sayyidna Abu Bakar (radhi Allahu anhu) contributed 100% of everything he had. Are there any Muslims like Abu Bakr (ra) today?or even cose!!!!!!!!!! Maybe; far and few!
2. Sayyidna Umar (radhi Allahu anhu) contributed 50% (1/2) of everything he had. Are there any Muslims like Umar (ra) today?or even cose!!!!!!!!!! Maybe; far and few!
3. Sayyidna Usmaan (radhi Allahu anhu) contributed 33% (1/3rd) of whole expenditure of the Army.
Anyone doing that?Even any figure closer to that..............

 Ask yourself this question. 8hrs should include, as a minimum, all the 5 obligatory prayers and extra prayers that are around the clock, including tahajjud prayers, zikr, recitation of the Quran, teaching and learning - self and family, visiting Muslims, entertaining guests, visiting the sick and any actions that are for the pleasure of Allah.

Instead of doing Good we are simply wasting our time accusing other Muslims and searching fault in others.

And even criticizing those brother who are sacrificing and doing something for deen...........Is there any limit of this ZULM...............MAY ALLAH PARDON MUSLIM UMMAH