When Where and Why of Taqleed Understanding a Mazhab

some Misunderstanding around Taqleed Issue among general public and internet debators.

Some people think that Taqleed/following Imam/Mazhab is in whole deen/ Every aspect of Islam.

What is Truth :

It is wrong. There is no taqleed in Major Part of deen. As ruling with regard to these are clear and whosoever has knowledge of language can understand it.

Famous Jurist Shaykh Khatib Al-Baghdadi writes:

"As far as the Islamic rules are concerned, there are of two types. The first are those which are known by necessity to be part of the Deen of the Prophet sallalahu alaihi wa sallam like the five prayers, Zakaat, fasting in Ramadhan, Hajj; the prohibition of adultery, wine and so on. Taqleed is not allowed in these issues since they are such that everyone should know and understand. The second type are those rules which need to be understood and extrapolated such as the details of the rituals of worship, transactions and weddings, for example,

 Taqleed is allowed in these issues since Allah says:
"So ask the people of remembrance if you know not." (Surah Al-Nahl: 43)

Al-Faqih wal Mutafaqqihah - page 67, vol.2 printed by Darul Iftaa, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 1389

Taqleed is done only in those aspect where more than one interpretation is possible from Ahadeeth
The famous Islamic jurist, Shaykh Abdul Ghani Al-Nablusi states:

The issues which are agreed upon - without any doubt and by necessity - do not require any Taqleed of any of the four Imams like the obligation of Salaat. Fasting, Zakaat and Hajj, etc. and like the prohibition of adultery and fornication, drinking wine, murder, stealing and usurping.
The issues which are debated are the issues where Taqleed becomes necessary."
Khulasataul Tahqeeq fi Hukm at-Taqleed wa at-Talfeeq - page - 4 printed by Al-Yasheeq, Istanbul

(Basic concept of article taken from Fazilatus Sheikh Mufti Justice Taqi Usmani book Legal status of following a Mazhab)