Hadith on Sins evil of tongue Knowledge spritual disease of heart

Hassan ibn 'Atiyyah Rahimahullah says: Shaddad ibn Aws Radiyallahu 'anhu was on a journey. He camped at a location and said to his slave: Bring the Sufra (the cloth spread on the ground for placing food to eat), to have some leisure. (Hassan says) It was surprising for me, then he said: Since I became Muslim, I never said any thing without thinking except for these words, so do not remember these words, but remember what I say now:
 I heard Rasullullah Sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam saying: When people start collecting treasure of gold and silver, then you make your treasure by these words:
O Allah! I seek guidance, dutifulness and firmness in every work, and the ability to express thankfulness on Your bounties, and the ability to devotedly worship You, and ask You for a clean heart (from idolatry and infidelity), and seek of You a truthful tongue, and beg for all the good in Your knowledge, and ask forgiveness from all sins in Your knowledge, and seek refuge of You from all evil in Your knowledge. Verily You have the knowledge of all the Unseen. (Musnad Ahmad)