Ibne Qadama lamatul etaqad on Taqleed Following Imam Mazhab

Faqih Imam Sheikh ul Islam Maufiquddeen Ibne Qadama Muqdasee Rahimullah (birth Shaban 541 H died on Day of Id ul Fitr 630 H) was one the great scholar was salaf us salehin.He is distinguished writer of books like AL MUGHNI ,AL KAFEE, RAUZATUNNAZIR, MUKHTASAR FI GHARBIL HADITH,AL BURHAN FI MASALATIL QURAN, AL QADR ,FAZAELATUS SAHABA, AL MUTAHABIN FILLAH, ZIMMUL MAUSOOSEEN, MANASIKUL HAJ and many Others

He writes in his book Lamatul Etaqad (page 83) on attaching any one of four Imam and on differences in Fiqh isssue 

…….At the same time to connect oneself in peripheral issues with an Imam like four school of Jurisprudence, and to attach with them is not condemnable as differences in peripheral issue is Rahmat, and Mujtahedin are to be prised even in differences and to get reward for Ijtahad.
Their (four Imams) difference on any issue among them is indication of (from Allah side) wasee (broad) Rahmat.
 And their (four Imas) Ittefaq o Ijma (unanimity) on any issue is itself a final and final (Qataee Qataee 2 times) argument...............

Imam Ibne Qadama Muqdasee in book Lamatul Etaqad (Last page 83) translated from urdu translation  published from Saudi Ministry department of Dawat Ifta Wal  Irshad  Saudi Arabia  1419 Hijri.