Imam Al Awzaee Abu Haneefah discussion message for Muslims

........Below talk gives a message well beyond the topic of discussion. 
1. This posting is not for jurisprudence discussion but is giving clear message for muslim ummah and specially for those who remain fighting on fiqh issue.May Allah help the muslim to understand.....
Imam Al Awzaa`ee met Aboo Haneefah in Makkah and observed:
"Why do you not raise your hands just before rukoo` and after?"

Aboo Haneefah replied:
"There is no recorded word or action of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, to authenticate this." 

"How so," replied al Awzaa`ee,
"when al Zuhree has reported this to me on the authority of Saalim and that of his father who said that the Prophet used to raise his hands at the beginning of the salaah and before and after rukoo`?"

Aboo Haneefah also reported:"Hammaad related to me through Ibraaheem, through `Alqamah, through al Aswad, and through Ibn Mas`ood that the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, only raised his hands at the beginning of the salaah and did not repeat this action again."

Al Awzaa`ee then suggested that his authorities were more reliable than those of Aboo Haneefah,

Abu Haneefah who countered:
"Hammaad was more knowledgeable than al Zuhree, and Ibraaheem was more knowledgeable than Saalim.
`Alqamah was not below Ibn `Umar in rank. And if Ibn `Umar is to be credited as a companion of the Prophet, then al Aswad has many merits. And the merits of `Abd Allaah ibn Mas`ood speak for themselves.

" At this, al Awzaa`ee remained silent. [ Al Fikr al Saamee, 1/320.]

This incidence proves that every one was after sunnah and evidence based and having proof for his position.
Aboo Haneefah is reported to have said:
"Ours is no more than an opinion. We do not oblige or coerce anyone into accepting it. Whoever has a better judgment, let him advance it." [ Al Intiqaa', 140.]
We can thus see that all Muslims were followers and upholders of the Sunnah.
When the Sunnah was authenticated, no one deviated from it.
If differences occurred it was only because of varying understanding or interpretation.
However, when this happened each person accepted the other's point of view so long as the interpretation could be sustained by the text and there was no other authentic evidence to the contrary.