Importance of Tawheed Sharah Aqeedatut Tahawai Ibn Abi Al Izz

Importance of Tawheed
Allama Ibn Abi Al Izz Hanafi Al Damishqi (D 792 A.H.) in his famous commentry Sharah Aqeedatut Tahawi starts with this sentence about Importance of Tawheed. (Page No 1)

 One must know that tawheed is the first matter the prophets preached. It is the first step on the path and the first stage of the journey to Allah. Allah stated, "We sent Noah to his people and he said, 'My people, serve Allah; you have no other god than He" [7:59].
 Hud said similar words to his people, "Serve Allah, there is no god for you but He" [7:65]. Salil) said to his people, "Worship Allah as you have no god but He" [7:73].
 Shu'ayb said to his people, "Worship Allah; you have no god but He" [7:85]. 
Allah also says, "We sent to every community a prophet saying, 'Worship Allah and avoid false gods" [16:36], and, "Not a messenger did We send before you (Muhammad) without Our. revealing to him that there is no god but I, so worship and serve Me" [21 :25]. 
The . Prophet (peace be on him) also stated, "I have been commanded to fight people until they accept that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is His prophet."} 

He further writes (Page NO 2)
With tauheed one enters into Islam, and with it one will depart from this world. 
The Prophet (peace be on him) said, "He whose last words are 'There is no god except Allah,' will enter Paradise. It is, therefore, the first duty and the last duty. tawheed is, then, the beginning of the matter and its end.  .
So everyone should  have a firm and correct belief in Tawheed.

(May Allah keep us on Tawheed and to follow greatest caller of tawheed our beloved Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam)