Ninety Nine 99 Names of Allah Hadith English meaning Translation Transliteration

Abu Hurairah Radiyallahu 'anhu narrates that Rasulullah Sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam said: 
Verily there are ninety-nine names of Allah; one hundred less one, he who memorizes them enters Paradise. He is Allah besides Whom there is none worthy of worship, He is:
Ar-Rahman - The Compassionate
Ar-Rahim - The Most Merciful
Al-Malik - The King
Al-Quddus - The Most Holy
As-Salam - The Granter of peace and Free of all Blemishes
Al-Mu 'min - The Granter of safety and security
Al-Muhaimin - The Guardian of all things
Al-Aziz - The Mighty
Al-Jabbar - The Overpowering
Al-Mutakabbir - The Greatest in Majesty
Al-Khaliq - The Creator
Al-Bari - The One Who brings creation into being
Al-Musawwir - The One Who designs and gives shape to the creation
Al-Ghaffar - The Continually Forgiving
Al-Qahhar - The Most Dominant
Al-Wahhab - The Most Generous Bestower
Ar-Razzaq - The Provider
Al-Fattah - The Opener to the way to victory And mercy
Al-'Alim - The All Knowing
Al-Qabid - The Withholder of sustenance and life
Al-Basit - The Plentiful Giver
Al-Khafid - The Abaser
Al-Rafi' - The Exalter
Al-Mu'iz - The Giver of honour and dignity
Al-Mudhil - The Giver of disgrace
As-Sami' - The All Hearing
Al-Basir - The All Seeing
Al-Hakam - The Indisputable Judge
Al-'Adl - The Just
Al-Latif - The Most Gracious
Al-Khabir - The All Aware
Al- Halim - The Clement
Al-'Azim - The Incomparably Great
Al-Ghaffir - The All Forgiving
Ash-Shakur - The Grateful Rewarder and Recompenser
Al- 'Aliyyu - The Most High
Al-Kabir - The Most Great
Al-Hafiz - The Protector
Al-Muqit - The Sustainer and Controller of all Things
Al-Hasib - The Reckoner
Al-Jalil - The Majestic
Al-Karim - The Generous and Benevolent
Ar-Raqib - The Watcher of all things
Al-Mujib - The Answerer and Responder
Al-Wasi' - The Vast in His Knowledge and Goodness
Al-Hakim - The Most Wise
Al-Wadud - The Most Loving
Al-Majid - The Glorious and Exalted
Al-Ba'ith - The Resurrector of the dead
Ash-Shahid - The Witness
Al-Haq - The Absolute True in His Being and Attributes
Al-Wakil - The Trustee
Al-Qawi - The Most Powerful
Al-Matin - The Most Firm
Al-Wali - The Loving Patron and Supporter
Al- Hamid - The Praiseworthy
Al-Muhsi - The All-Knowing
Al-Mubdiu - The Originator of Creation
Al-Mu'id - The Recreatbr of Creation
Al-Muhyi - The Giver of Life
Al-Mumit - The Giver of Death
Al- Hayy - The ever Living
Al-Qayyum - The Eternal Sustainer
Al-Wajid - The Self-Sufficient
Al-Majid - The Grand
Al-Wahid - The One
Al-Ahad - The Single
As-Samad - The One Who Depends on none and all others depend on Him
Al-Qadir - The Most Powerfully Able
Al-Muqtadir - The Prevailing
Al-Muqaddim - The Advancer
Al-Muakhkhir - The Delayer
Al-Awwal - The First
Al-'Akhir - The Last
Az-Zahir - The Manifest
Al-Batin - The Hidden
Al-Wali - The Governor
Al-Muta'ali - The Sublime
Al-Barr - The Amply Beneficent
At-Tawwab - The Acceptor of Repentance
Al-Muntaqim - The Avenger
Al-'Afwu - The Pardoner
Ar-Rauf- The Benevolent, Sympathetic
Malik ul Mulk - The Ruler of the Kingdom
Dhul Jaliili wal - The Sustainer of Majesty and
Ikram - Splendour
Al-Muqsit - The Most Equitable
Al-Jami' - The Gatherer
Al-Ghani - The Self-Sufficient, Independent
Al-Mughni - The Granter of Wealth and Sufficiency
Al-Mani'u - The Depriver
Ad-Darru - The Afflicter of Harm
An-Nafi' - The Granter of Benefits
An-Nur - The Light
Al-Hadi - The Guide
Al-Badi - The First Causer and Creator
Al-Baqi - The Enduring
Al-Warith - The Inheritor
Ar-Rashid - The Perfect Director
As-Sabur - The Most Forbearing
Note : Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala has many names as mentioned in the Qur'an and Ahadith. Of them, ninety nine are in this hadith. (Mazahir-e- Haque)