Taqleed Imam Masael discussion on Face book You tube danger Alert signals

Current Discussion and Controversies on Face book/you Tube/ Islamic Forums on internet on Taqleed/Following a Mazhab/IMAM & its Consequences on Muslims Ummah  
1.….it is not Rare to hear/read… sentences like …….
you are offering Hanafi/Shafaee Salat and I am offering Muhammadi (SAW) Salat ……….. 
Following an Imam is akin to Shirk………..
What was Muhammad (SAW) Either Hanafi/ Shafaee/ Maliki/ Hanbali??
Similarly Hanafi/ Shafaee Flag bearers also uses almost same language accusing the opponent following Tit for Tat rule... this further complicate .....and it finally reaches for OPEN ABUSE sometimes in words that what to talk about muslim a shareef Non Muslim will also not used.

2.……….These are not unfortunate cheating and mislead but also one of the greatest fitnah of our  time……….

3.………Imams have based their views on Ahadith and Ahadith on some of these issues are more than one but Brothers/Groups who are involved in bashing/criticisng that  Hanafi (other Imams) position is wrong actually donot put all the Ahadith ,rather they present Hadith supporting their view and conceal Hadith supporting other views and ………………

4.…….(knowingly or Unknowingly) it is not only murder of truth but dangerous also as it leads to loss of trust from Salafus Salehin Imams and Scholars ……Some times to support a particular position they reach upto denying of the criticiser donot present a complete picture to general public...

5.……It is also setting a very dangerous trend of attack and counterattack in ummah as in the era of free internet/ you tube/face book/Islamic Forums you cannot conceal the truth/tell a lie for long……….

6.………If one group will present one firebrand with filthy tongue other group is presenting firebrand with same tongue following rule of  tit for tat………

7.……….and this is not only wastage of resources of Muslims but also giving a very wrong signal to general Muslim mass at ground and even to Non Muslims as you cannot stop them on seeing your Polemics video/debate on you tube /internet…………

Whoso ever is reading this article please approach to the Ulema/Scholars /Influential people attached with any group in your contact and draw their attention about.............
Everyone is aware that Muslim groups remain fighting each other on the name of Islam on internet.In this era facebook You tube and group affliated forums on the name of Islam has compounded the Problem and has made it worst.Great Ulemas are not on the scene in this group fighting anywhere specially not on internet.
You will never see head/Amir/president of .......Salafi group is discussing/fighting/arguing with head/Amir/president of ........Hanafi group. Rather they have mostly harmonious relation and respect each other. They sit together and praise each other in meetings like All India Muslim Personal Law Board, Rabita Alame Islami, World Muslim League.
Another set of People on Internet/Facebook/ You tube videos

Those are on facebook even their real Identity is unknown the manner they put Postings and comments, at times what to talk about Muslims even a gentle non believer will not do in that manner and words.

3.There are Mostly Non-Ulema/Non scholars, those representing are general flag bearers and some of the orators on You tube/(Internet Sheikhs).We call them internet sheikhs because most of this group debators otherwise has no place in terms of knowledge of Quran and Hadith even in their group but on internet they are presenting as Shykhul Islam/Shykhul Hadith/Allama/Great Mufti.

4.The controversial topic among major groups are hardly 15-20...... but theyy always remain on viscous cycle.Again and again they will come in different form.Group are represented by less knowledgeable/ Incompetent flag bearers whose main aim is to malign/to down other group instead of positive approach and giving the space where difference of opinion is natural and allowed.

4. Take an Example ..... Prophet S.A.W. hand Position in Prayer varied at different point of time so Ahadith mentioned by different Sahabah are also different as they saw prophet at different point of time.....So difference will be natural and difference of opinion is permitted according to Hadith of Bukhari..................Now what happens Groups present Selective Quran Ayats /Hadith to public that suits their interpretation.
They conceal Ahadith that present other Point of view.
Or if they present they wrongly classify Hadith as weak even if Great Scholars of Hadith has authenticated it.....Just to prove that their point is correct and others are wrong.

5. Our request is that in the matter of difference of opinion see the complete and Holistic Picture of Ahadith and see the evidence of other group also.This will decrease the mistrust and jealousy between groups that consider others Imams opinion as wrong and baseless.

So meet Ulemas/ Scholars/ whosoever in your contact And Finally request them to do something Positive  at different level for solving this menace. 
Requesting for Dua for Whole Ummah