Tawheed Emaan Yaqeen greatness of Allah talk Bayan by yusuf Rahimullah

(Below is Excerpts from Great Muhaddith and Daee ilallah Maulana Yusuf Rahimullah talk on greatness of Allah and on treasure of Muslim about tawheed Emaan rough translation) 
Allah can bring disgrace even in the presence of kingdom and wealth, and he can bring honour even in the state of dire poverty.
A human's internal treasure is his yaqeen (Faith), and his a’mal (action); if his inner actions are good then Allah will create a state of inner success, even if material possession is totally exhausted.
Whatever is made by Allah is under Allah’s. He owns everything. He uses everything and  
Allah can change shapes of everything by his power and he can change their qualities without changing their shapes. He can change a stick into a snake and a snake into a stick. Similarly he controls everything whether land (kingdom) or wealth, electrical or gaseous. He uses these things as he likes. 
 He can bring about destruction from the means of creations and he can show creation from the means of destruction. 
He runs the system of sustenance. If he wishes he can sustain somebody in a barren desert without any source of material and he can spoil life even in the midst of plenty of materials.