Maulana Tariq Jameel English Bayan Translation lecture on Allah greatness

Below is the English Translation of one of the Talk of Maulana Tariq Jamil Damat Barkatuhum
JAZAKALLAHU KHAIR and dua for the Translator. May Allah guide us
After Hamd o Sana and Darood o Salam.......
My dear brothers and friends, whether it's the earth or the skies, man or jinn or the angels, all of these are Allah's (saw) creation, and Allah is their sole creator.
He says: (fa innahu yalamussirra wa akhfa)

"He knows that which is secret as well as that which is yet more hidden” Taha 7 ?

Sirr means talking softly, so that the person doesn't understand (akhfa) what a person says to himself i.e. in his heart so that no one realizes, so in this situation the tongue doesn't move and neither does the ear hear, and Allah says I am aware of that too. So, the Lord whose knowledge is so perfect that He listens to the external as well as the internal, the soft and the loud, and besides all this:
(wa ma tasqutu min waraqatin ill yalamuha)

"And not a leaf falls but He knows it" Al-Ana'am 59

Now just lets consider the trees in Chicago. Uncountable leaves are shed everyday. Allah says I am aware of all and all has been written in a clear decree.
He says (min waraqah)

"Wherever a leaf falls" (illa yalamuha) Your Lord knows where it fell or got lost or scattered away or floated away in the water or the squirrel ate it. All is clear in Allah's knowledge.
Next the Almighty Wise says ? (wa la habbah tin fee dulumaat il ardh)

"And not even a grain amid the darkness of ? the earth"…….

He knows the seed which is hidden in the darkness of the earth whether it is wet or dry. (wa la ratb wala yabis)

"Nor anything fresh or withered but is known by Him”

Then the Maulana relates a saying in Arabic (alghaibu indahu ashahadah) i.e. the invisible is clearly visible in His knowledge. He sees what is in front and that which is beyond our perception (wassirru indahu alalaniya) He knows what is hidden and that which is evident, the secret of the inner self is visible in front of Him and the external is in His extensive knowledge too….(awaamiruhu jariah wa saariah) His orders/judgements pour down from the skies like rain droplets. The sovereignty of the whole universe rests in His grasp. The entire universe is in motion by His command, whether it's the morning or the night, darkness or light, winter or summer, Allah's power is in motion behind it, it's by Allah's decision. The heat in the sun is not its own it’s not just a coincidence, it is Allah who has filled it with so much fuel all at once. Allah created it. Every machine needs fuel and has to be repaired, but this machine, which has been rotating for the last millions of years,it’s speed is 600000 miles/hour,.no steering, no gear, no brake, no engine, no driver, and no one to direct it, it's movement is so quick that it travels at a speed of ? 600,000 miles/hr and the heat it throws in one second equals to that of 100,000 atom bombs….and its been unceasingly throwing this heat since the last trillions of years, and it’s throwing it right now and will throw it in the future too. It was granted all this power through just this one verse:(wa ja’alna siraaja wahhaja)

 "We have made it a dazzling lamp" An-Naba'a 13

The temperature of its inner surface is 12,000 degrees Fahrenheit and its inner temperature is 27 million degrees Fahrenheit and Allah as well as controlling all this heat passes it over to us. If He let it (the sun) free it would come near us and the whole world would burn away into ashes. And if He would move it away from us the whole world would freeze up and become as cold as the North and South Poles, it would freeze. Allah is holding onto its reins so tightly that neither does it loosen so it may come nearer to us and burn us, nor does it move away so that we freeze away.
Allah says, (asshamsu tajree limustaqarrillaha thalika taqdeerul azeezil hameed. Walqamara qaddarnahu manaazila hatta aada kal urjoonil qadeem kullun fee falakin yasbahoon)

“And the sun runs in an orbit of its own, that is the decree of ? The Almighty The All-knowing and the moon, for which We have determined phases, till it becomes like an old date stalk [dried-up and curved])" Yaasin 39

And in another verse, (litaa lamoo adadassineena wal hisaab)

"He commanded the sun to rotate so that you may compute the years and to measure (time)" Al-Younus 5

Then the sun itself has no power to clash into the moon and the day can't run or overtake the night. Nor do the sun and moon outstrip one another and neither can the day and night collide into one another ? "kullun fee falakeen yasbahun" Al-Yaseen 40

"Each floats in an orbit"

Then he says (thalika taqdirul aziz il hakeem)

"This is the Decree of the Almighty the Wise" Yaseen 38

This isn't Einstein's calculation which could go wrong. It is ALLAH's calculation, there can't be any blunder in it.(washamsu wal qamaru bi husbaan)

"And the sun and the moon move along their appointed courses" Ar-Rahmaan 5

He has calculated and fed all the information inside it ever since He has created it, so that it can't divert to any other direction until the sound of qiyamah doesn't break it. So the Lord who is controlling this extensive system is controlling the systems of the entire universe. And whatever He desires is what happens in the universe and what we desire can't happen without His command. Whereas what He attempts can happen without our wanting (wa maa tashaauna illa an yasha allahu rabbul aalamin)

"Your wishes are of no avail unless Allah The Sustainer of all the worlds wills" At-Takweer 29 ?

So whatever seems as happening through money isn't so. Our belief is wrong, our impression is totally false, unable to understand Allah's desire. Allah had planned that this thing would happen through money. Likewise it's through Allah's desire that we are restored to health. It was Allah who had planned to recover us through the medicine, but we didn't see Allah's will and didn't ponder over it, we just saw the medicine and the stomachache subsiding so we judged that it was the medicine which recovered us. The reality can't appear in front of us, we can just imagine it.
Allah has opened in front of us the bondage we have with this world whereas the connection Allah has with this world is invisible to us. The connection that the means have with Allah is not observable. It is the order that comes from His side, which is carried out. We all are humans, neither through our want nor with the help of the human system, it was just that Allah willed to make us human beings. ? He could have made us monkeys, dogs, horses, mules, he could make us all vanish into thin air as He has said "inyasha yuth hibkum"

“He can do away with you if He wills” Ibrahim, 19

(Akha thallahu sam akumwa absaurakum wa khatama ala qulu bikum man ilahun ghairullahi ya teekum bih.)

"If Allah takes away your hearing and your sight and seals up your hearts, is there any deity other than Allah who could restore them to you?" Al-Anaam: 46. ?

In this verse Allah is telling us that He has bondage with you and that which is ordered from there is carried out.
The belief that things happen through money was penetrated/drilled into the heart via what we saw and heard. Allah's prophet's words tell us that your money bond is with Allah. ? Your existence is through Allah. When Allah wills, it happens, when Allah doesn't will, the entire universe can't make it happen. (Lawijtama al insu wal jinnu ala an yanfaooka bi shaiin lam yanfauuka illa bi shaiin qad katabahallahu laka)

"If all the jinn and mankind will to benefit you with something they cannot benefit you but with what Allah has destined for you".

Our weakness is that we want all our wishes to be fulfilled in this world and the next. Whereas Allah has appointed a principle, (abdii anta tureed wa ana ureed wa la yakunu illa ma uree in sallamta lee fee ma ureed kafaituka fee ma tureed wa illam tusallim lee feema uredd atabtuka feema tureed thumma la yakunu illa ma ureed)

"Oh my servant! You want and I want and only that will happen which I will, thus, if you submit yourself to My will, I will be sufficient for you in what you want, and, if you do not submit to My will, I will tire you in seeking your desire, and only that will happen which I will" Allah (SAW) also says: (in yamsaska Allahu bi dhurrin fa la kaashifa lahun illa hua wa in yuridka bi khairin fa la raada li fadhlihee)

"If Allah afflicts you with any harm, none can remove it other than Him and if He intends to bestow a favour upon you, none can withhold His bounty " Younus 107 ? 

 (maa yaftahillahu linnas min rahmatin fa laa mumsika laha)

"Whatever grace Allah opens for man, none can withhold it" Al-Fatir 2

If Allah opens the doors of mercy, honour, wealth and subsistence for you no one can close that door…(wa maa yumsik falaa mursila lahu mim ba'dihi)

"And whatever He withholds none can henceforth release" Al-Fatir 2

If He closes the door, the entire world has no strength to open it. Now, if we compare our knowledge with Allah's, our knowledge and intelligence tells us that when there is money there is luxury, honour, and prosperity. Our money has no bondage with Allah,wealth is the only means to achieve all these things. On the contrary, Allah's knowledge tells us that when He opens the doors of affluence and abundance then only will you obtain all these bounties, and if He closes them no one can bestow them upon you. You will get if He gives, it will happen if He wills, if He doesn't will it, then it can't happen. These are the two main factors. And because of this He said in the beginning that man is weak, foolish and ignorant (dhaluman, jahulan, ajula) 'unjust, foolish and hasty'.
And because of his feebleness, his mind is weak and so is his experience.
No one can challenge Allah's knowledge (laa mubaddila li kalimatihee)

"None can alter His words" Al-Anam 115
(laa tabdeela li kalimaatihi)

"No change can there be in His words" Al-Kahf 27

(laa raiba feehi)
"There is no doubt in it" As-Sajdah 2

(innahu la qaulun fasl)

"It is a word which distinguishes [good from evil]" At-Tariq 13

(uhkimat ayaatuhu thumma fussilat min ladun hakeemin khabeer)

"Whose verses are perfected and issued in detail from One Wise, Informed” Al-Hud 1

(Ar Rahmanu fas'sl bihee khabeera)

"The Most Gracious! Ask, then, about Him one who is aware" Al-Furqan 59

Don't ask some imprudent person about me. Ask someone who is aware of the glory and might of your Lord. And as for His glory (lau kanal bahru midaadan li kalimaati rabbee la nadida albahru qabla an tanfada kalimatu rabbi wa lau jina bi mithlihee madada)

"If all the seas were ink for my Sustainers words, the sea would be consumed before the words of my Lord are exhausted and even if We were to add sea upon sea" Al-Kahf 109

He says (wal bahru yamudduhu mim badihee sabata abhu)

"Replenished by seven more oceans added to it" Luqman 27

If the trees of Australia, America and Europe were cut down and made into pens, then all of mankind and jinns were brought together on the sea shore and were told to write the praise of Allah, and Allah would bestow upon them the knowledge, and everyone would start writing, Allah (SAW) says (lanafidal bahru qabla an tanfada kalimaatu rabbi wa lau jina bi mithlihee madada)

"The seas would be consumed before the words of my Lord are consumed, even if We were to add sea upon sea" Al-Kahf 109

Allah (SAW) is (al awwalu bila bidayah, qadeemun bila ibtida, wal aakhiru laisa badahu shai'an, waddaiimu bila intiha)