Prophet Muhammad best clan tribe Abraham Ismael Kinan Quraish Hashim

Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad [pbuh] was from best clan chosen by Almighty Allah:
"All? selected Ismael from the sons of Abraham, Kinan from the sons of Ismael, Quraish from the sons of Kinan, Hashim from the sons of Quraish and He selected me from the sons of Hashim." [Muslim 2/245; Tirmidhi 2/201]

Al-‘Abbas bin ‘Abdul-Muttalib quoted our beloved Prophet [pbuh]  saying:
"All? created mankind and chose me from the best whereof, He chose the tribes and selected me from the best whereof; and He chose families and selected me from the best whereof. I am the very best in person and
 [Tirmidhi 2/201]