Prophet Muhammad Son Daughters Names marriage with Khadeeja R

At the age of 25, Prophet went to Syria as a merchant for Khadijah Raziallahu Anha When he returned to Makkah, Khadijah noticed, in her money, more profits and blessings than she used to. Her was also told her of Muhammad’s good manners,honesty, deep thought, sincerity and faith. She wanted and disclosed her wish through   Nafisa, daughter of Maniya, . Prophet agreed and requested his uncles to go to Khadijah’s uncle and talk on this issue. Subsequently, they were married. 

She was, then, forty years old and Prophet was 25 years was
considered as the best woman of her folk in lineage, fortune and wisdom. She was the first woman whom the Messenger of All? [pbuh] married. He did not get married
to any other until she had died.
Khadijah bore all his children, except Ibrahim: Al-Qasim, Zainab, Ruqaiyah, Umm Kulthum, Fatimah and ‘Abdullah who was called Taiyib and Tahir. All his sons died in their childhood and all the daughters except Fatimah died during his lifetime.
Fatimah died six months after his death. All his daughters witnessed , embraced Islam, and emigrated to Madinah.