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BARELVI .........
These are very common terms used by Muslims in Islamic word specially in India Pakistan Bangladesh. INDIA PAKISTAN BANGLADESH TOGETHER IS HOME of nearly 50 crore (45 % of all muslims) in the world. Here we will give the actual meaning and Definition of these terms with Muslim and Islamic perspective.

 Many people use these terms for specific purposes and based on their self defined definitions at times even for vested interest that become harmfull for Muslim Ummah.

Whatever is being written here is fact and truth only. Correctness/ Truth is not dependent on any factor other than facts. Truth is truth and truth will not become wrong even people with loud voice and influence show something else . If you have any correction in these definition Please write in comment. 

(May Allah save the Ummah)

Sunni is actually short form of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat. Ahle sunnat Wal Jamaat are those who are on the path of Quran and Sunnah. 
Who follow Allah and our beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam in words action and sprit.With this all the Sahaba Great Imams,Scholars,Muhaddith and Ulema e Haq and all general Muslims following them are are Sunni Whether they call/Claim  themselves Sunni or not call.

World Salafi has been derived from Word Salfussalehin and  is a broad term and all those who will follow Quran and Sunnah as explained by Salfussalehin (First three generation of Muslims i.e. Shaba Tabaee Taba Tabaeen ) are salafi. 
Salafus Salehin followed Allah and beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam in words action and sprit.With this all the Sahaba Great Imams,Scholars,Muhaddith and Ulema e Haq  and all general Muslims following them are Salafi Whether they call/Claim  themselves or not..

Tableegh o Dawat was the Primary Dedication of our beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. Sahaba who were specially praised by Allah Sacrificed everything for Dawat o Tabligh and spread of Islam. Allah has selected all muslims for this work. And has asked all Muslims

 “You are the best of ummah evolved for mankind, you enjoin what is right and you forbid what is wrong, and you believe in Allah.”

ولتكن منكم أمة يدعون إلى الخير ويأمرون بالمعروف وينهون عن المنكر
And there has to be a group of people from among you who call towards good and prevent from evil. (Verse: 3:104) 
With this all the Sahab Great Imams,Scholars,Muhaddith and Ulema e Haq  and all general Muslims following them are Tableeghi Whether they call/claim  themselves or not call.
If we Put together all these.........
 Scholars Opinion about these Words
1.Although the use of word salafi/Sunni/Tableeghi to designate the Muslims or to call oneself/anyone as salafi/Sunni/Tableeghi is disputed and scholars has divergent opinion. 
2. Majority of Islamic Scholars donot recommend to promote these terms. They also warn for any specific context other than described above.Maulana Saad Sb from India now a days in almost all of his Bayan/talk is telling that their is nothing like Tableeghi. All muslims are only one that is Ummat e Muhammadia Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.
3. Some Other Scholars opinion
Even some scholars are of the view that it is not right to call themselves as Sunni/salafi/Tableeghi Rather we should call ourselves as Muslim only. “We have only  bound that is Slave of Allah Ummat of Muhammad sallallahau Alaihi Wasallam  and Ummat e Musliama we are first the Muslim and last the Muslim”.
Two thing are very clear without any doubt.
1. First thing is very clear that merely claiming any good name does not solve any purpose and we should follow Allah and beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam in words action and spirit. 

2. Second If someone Uses these terms for dividing Ummat of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam and for causing/Promoting  Groupism/Secterianism in Muslim Ummah he is condemnable. 
A great Hadith Scholar has expressed this point in these words.....
This Ummah has been prepared only through tremendous sacrifices. The blessed Prophet peace be upon him and his loyal companions encountered difficulty after difficulty to see the formation of this Ummah. Their enemies, have spared no pains in forcing cracks into the wall of the Ummah. They have struggled relentlessly to break the Ummah, that it may disband helplessly. Now the situation we have before us is that the Ummah has lost its strength of unity. Until the Ummah retained its capacity to harmonise, a few thousand individuals were paramount over the entire world. The then Islamic world did not boast a single finely structured building.Even the Masajids were bare, simple and modest. Not even a lamp could be found in the Masjid. The first lamp to be lit in Masjid-An Nabawi was in the ninth year after migration. It was lit by Hadhrat Tameem Daari who accepted Islam in 9AH. Prior to this date almost the entire Arab world had marched into the fold of Islam. Masses of people who's tribes varied, whose backgrounds varied, whose homelands and origins varied had formed what became known as the Ummah. It was only when so many hurdles had been cleared and this much progress made, that History recorded the first lamp to be lit in the Prophet's masjid.

Many a year may have elapsed in making such seemingly insignificant progress as the use of a lamp. But that mattered little. What did matter and what is the key measure of achievement here is that the lamp of guidance with which the Prophet had been sent, had illuminated every house and dwelling of Arabia and its effects reached far beyond the boundaries of the peninsula. In fact the Ummah had been formed. I t rose to the challenges of humanity.Whichever direction it chose to march whole civilisations surrender to its authority.

This Ummah was created only when every individual saw beyond the boundaries of family, tribe, party, nation and homeland. None was a blind patriot to his native land.Value for wealth and property, wife and family bore no importance at all. The only issue of any importance, the only factor never to be ignored,was the order of Allah and His beloved Prophet Muhammad. 
The Ummah was not torn and conflict riddled. We ourselves are to blame for the ruin that has befallen us. It was only after the injuries had been inflicted that the Kuffaar administered further punishment. The damage had already been done prior to their intervention.
If the Muslims are to reunite even today the combined strength of world powers, atom b ombs and missiles cannot destroy them. But if, on the contrary, they continue to uphold the banner of nationalism and simply on the grounds of 'love for country' divisions appear within the Ummah, then i swear by Allah your weapons, your military power and your defences will be of no avail to you.

The only reason Muslims are being tormented throughout the world, the sole cause of their sufferings is that they have failed to remain an Ummah. They have totally disregarded the exhaustive struggles borne by their loving Prophet in its formation. Friends, i am expressing to you the grief that lies in my heart. The root cause of all our calamities is that the Ummah has ceased to remain an Ummah. In fact, we have totally forgotten what it means to be an Ummah and we are ignorant of how the Prophet formed it.

 (Allah knows the best)

 Who are Deobandi and Barelvi??
Deoband is a town in Saharanpur District in of indian state of U.P India. Traditionally in indian subcontinent many people keep  place name with their name. So Who so ever belong to this town may use this term Deobandi with his name .There is nothing wrong in it
Like Famous Urdu Poet Majid Deobandi Sb.

Bareli is a city in indian state of U.P ,India. Traditionally many keep our place name with our name so Who so ever belong to this city can use this Barelvi term with his name .There is nothing wrong in it
Like Famous Urdu Poet Waseem Barelvi Sb

Some People Donot follow this Tradition

Many people donot add place name with the name.
 Sometimes adding place name is disliked also depending on special circumstances. E.g Great Mufassir e Quran Mufti Shafee Uthmani Rahimullah (Pakistan) the author of encyclopedic commentry Maariful Quran was born at Deoband (India). His ancestral home was in Deoband So initially he used to write his name as Mufti Shafee Deobandi ..........But later in his life he disliked the addition of Deobandi and removed it from his name sighting the Prevailing situation.

Feel free to suggest any Correction.