Categories and Types of Person in the world and life after death

The four categories of Persons in the world are as follows
1. The one who receives ample provisions in this life as well as in the ‘Akhirah’.
2. The one prosperous in this life but poor and miserable in the ‘Akhirah’.
3. The one who suffers hardships in this life but shall flourish in the ‘Akihirah’.
4. The one who is miserable in this life as well as in the ‘Akirah’ 

(Reference: Kanzul Ummal).

His misery is due to poverty, and his bad deeds lead him to suffering in the ‘Akhirah’, so that both his lives are
ruined. Abu Hurairah Radhiallaho anho reports Rasulullah Sallallaho alaihe wasallam as saying that whoever gives
in charity the equivalent to a date that is part of lawful possession and not unlawful, Allah nourishes that date as you
nourish colt, to such an extent that your provision grows up to the dimensions of a mountain. Haq Ta’ala Shanohu
accepts only pure and flawless things. Allah Ta’ala increases the reward of this simple virtue to a size larger than
that of mount Uhad, which is the highest mountain near Madina.
This indicates that the reward for a single virtue would grow far beyond the seven hundred times limit mentioned
above. Another hadith says that when the Ayat regarding the seven hundred times reward was revealed, Rasulullah
Sallallaho alaihe wasallam made a dua for a further increase of the reward, upon which the Ayat given at No. 5 was revealed. (Bayan-al-Quran).

(Fazail e amaal vol 2 book of charity )